Top 5 Most-read Sanitary Maintenance Articles Of 2016

Every year we run the numbers to determine which Sanitary Maintenance articles readers sought out the most. This past year’s top articles included some that were predictable (HAI prevention) and some that were a bit surprising (first aid kits).

1. 'First Aid Kits Have New Requirements'

Distributors selling first aid kids needed to be in compliance with ISEA’s new requirements by last summer. Read about the changing first aid standards at

2. '2016 Distributor Choice Awards'

Distributors helped choose the 40 best products in the industry through online voting. Find out which products won this prestigious distinction at

3. 'Curtain Call'

Soft surfaces in healthcare facilities, such as curtains, bed linens and chairs, are often covered in MRSA and C. diff. Learn how to properly clean and disinfect these surfaces, without damaging them, at

4. 'HAI Prevention'

Approximately 1.7 million healthcare acquired infections occur annually in U.S. hospitals, leading to an estimated 99,000 deaths. Distributors play a key role in HAI prevention; learn how to outfit and train cleaning personnel at

5. 'Branding A Business'

More distributors are growing from a couple, select private label products into full-line, premier private brands. Learn how to make the transition at