Harry Apple serves as NSSA secretary until a suitable replacement can be found.
Harry Apple launches Sanitary Maintenance. According to its cover, having “an adequate paper representing the industry will develop greater cohesion between distributors and manufacturers and will result in increased volume sales for both.” 
1944 SM publishes NSSA convention information, living up to its moniker as the “official” publication of the association. Items included a listing of exhibitors, a copy of the convention program and background on the closing banquet speaker, Dr. Preston Bradley.
Bob Apple joins Trade Press Publishing as Sanitary Maintenance’s business manager. He takes over operations from his father in 1965. 
1950 SM goes from a bi-monthly publication to monthly. Carl Lien of the Lien Chemical Co., writes in to say, “Our organization will now realize twice as many dividends from reading it.” 
SM publishes its first “Who’s Who” exhibitor directory for the NSSA trad 1950 SM goes from a bi-monthly publication to monthly. Carl Lien of the Lien Chemical Co., writes in to say, “Our organization will now realize twice as many dividends from reading it.” e show. This free booklet is produced for 30 years.
To help train salesmen, SM publishes its first “Floor Maintenance Manual,” teaching how to sell floor products more efficiently and “keep them sold.” Ordered by the thousands, this guide is published for 25 years and, eventually, is slanted toward actual users of the products. 
1956 With 80 percent of distributor profits coming from floor care products, SM devotes the entire September issue to floor maintenance. Originally planned as a one-time special issue, the overwhelming support for this intensive coverage led to it becoming an annual “institution” for more than 40 years. 
The first Buyer’s Guide is published. Readers call it “manna from heaven” and say it answers a “crying need in our field.” Today, SM still publishes the most comprehensive Buyer’s Guide in the industry.
1960 SM releases its first market study on the sanitary supply industry. In 1959, the industry sold $731 million worth of products annually. Today, Sanitary Maintenance, in conjunction with ISSA, conducts a bi-annual sales study. In 2010, industry sales were more than $23 billion. 
With contract cleaning rising in popularity, SM addresses the trend by running dozens of articles on the topic and hiring editors to cover this specific beat. This coverage later evolved into the Contractor Management themed issues of the 80s. 
1963 SM starts using a Reader Service Card. In 2013, this lead generating device moved online. 
SM publishes an ISSA Exhibition Product Review from the Chicago convention. Still a reader favorite, SM continues to publish a product showcase following ISSA/INTERCLEAN that features the latest innovations. 
Bob Wisniewski, current owner of Trade Press Media Group, joins the company and Sanitary Maintenance in advertising sales.
1974 The February issue is devoted to government regulations. This coverage leads to ongoing updates in the magazine regarding legislation impacting the cleaning industry. 
The What’s New issue debuts showcasing the latest cleaning innovations from the year. It produces 6,400 sales leads. Over the years there have been more than 30 of these product roundups. 
As seen here, Harry Apple (seated) is made an honorary member of ISSA for his many contributions to the industry. This same year Apple also receives the first ISSA Industry Distinguished Service Award (later renamed the Jack D. Ramaley award, who ironically is pictured far left). 
1980 Harry Apple passes away at age 97. Readers write in to say “I suddenly felt as if part of the industry has crumbled away,” and, “probably no one in this industry has been better liked and admired.”
SM runs a pull-out ISSA convention map and city guide. A few years later this small pamphlet would evolve into a sizeable insert featuring convention news and city information that is still produced today.
1988 Two Trade Press employees, Bob Wisniewski and Bob Arens, purchase the company from Bob Apple. The new owners promise, “We won’t miss a beat in providing a quality product and service to you, the reader and our advertisers.”
1989 SM forms its first Editorial Advisory Board to serve “as antennae, alerting us to every twitch of the evolving industry.” Today, the magazine still calls on its advisors for market insight.
1989 Bob Apple is awarded ISSA’s Jack D. Ramaley award for his contributions to the industry.
SM becomes the exclusive publisher of the NJSSA Supply Line show guide. SM still produces the official directory for this East Coast regional convention. 
1992 Trade Press president Bob Wisniewski receives the Special Industry Achievement Award from ISSA’s Young Executive Society. 
1995 SM editors participate in the first international “Operation Clean Sweep” with the Greater Chicago Sanitary Supply Association. In later years, SM staff would help clean up with its local Southeastern Wisconsin Sanitary Supply Association. 
CleanLink.com debuts featuring articles from SM and its sister publications, as well as an online Buyer’s Guide.
Gretchen Rouf’s popular “Freetime” column begins. To date, more than 100 readers have shared their personal hobbies. 
CleanHound.com, the industry’s first vertical search engine debuts.
2006 SM honors the unsung heroes of distribution: salespeople. In 2012, SM’s “Sales Leaders” is made an annual recognition. 
2009 myCleanLink.com, the industry specific social networking site launches, providing all members of the supply chain with an online networking destination. 

CleaningGreen, the industry’s first virtual trade show debuts, attracting more than 1,000 cleaning industry professionals. It’s followed by the Cleaning Innovations virtual event in 2011