Bearded man with arms crossed

With this issue, we finally get to unveil the new look for Sanitary Maintenance. We’ve updated the design for a more modern feel, but some of the other changes are more than just aesthetics. 

First, we moved our popular “Face of the Industry” section to the front of the magazine. Over the years, I’ve heard from readers how much they love this section, which makes sense. In an industry as tight-knit as jan/san, practically everyone knows everyone else. It’s fun to chart the courses of their colleagues’ careers or celebrate their awards and accomplishments along with them. It only made sense to give readers this information as soon as they open the issue.

We also increased our digital offerings in the Table of Contents. Here at Trade Press Media Group, editors are producing additional content than just what appears in the printed Sanitary Maintenance magazine. This section will highlight even more articles, webcasts and other content readers can access for free here on CleanLink.

A less obvious change, cleaning-related articles are no longer designated with the “Cleaning Upclose” tag. Instead, our coverage of the latest cleaning products and tips for selling them to customers is mixed in with our other longform feature articles. 

Speaking of your clients, our surveys and research indicated that distributors want to learn what end users are doing in terms of cleaning and what drives purchasing decisions. That’s why our article about custom dispensers shares the experiences of the School District of Thorp. Look for more customer-centric articles in the future. 

I hope you enjoy the new Sanitary Maintenance. Although the look has changed, our mission has not. We still strive to provide distributors with the best articles about cutting-edge cleaning products, sales tips, distribution best practices, general industry news and much more.