Now more than ever, in-house cleaning staff and building service contractors (BSCs) stand to benefit from dilution control systems that support the efficacy of cleaning and disinfecting practices. One such option is pre-portioned packs; individual packages of concentrated chemicals that aid custodians in mixing proper dilution ratios — an essential process to ensure kill claims without over-saturating surfaces.

According to manufacturers, the portability of these single-use packages is a major selling point for distributor sales reps. Custodians can easily carry the amount of product needed for their shift without the burden of heavy carts or multiple trips to and from the janitor’s closet. Lightening their load becomes even more significant as the industry continues to grapple with labor shortages and employee retention.

“One of the highlights of mobile pre-portioned chemicals is the time savings of wasted motion,” says Caryn Stets, chief strategy office for PortionPac Chemical Corp., Oak Park, Illinois. “Custodians can refill the product wherever they are and keep going. So, you’re looking at a savings of two to three minutes per trip to the janitor’s closet. That’s huge, especially now, because no one has enough employees to do the work and every minute counts.”

The ability to refill chemicals on-the-go means significant time savings for custodians who service multistory buildings. For this reason, manufacturers often recommend pre-measured pouches for the hospitality industry. While cleaning the room, custodians can refill their bottles in the restroom and continue to the next room. This eliminates time spent maneuvering a heavy cart onto the service elevator to return to the janitor’s closet for refills.

Spotlight On Safety

No doubt, customers are familiar with the risks of improperly diluted cleaning products. Nevertheless, distributors shouldn’t hesitate to reiterate these concerns when promoting the benefits of pre-measured products.

“Overuse of chemicals on the floor can dull the floor finish,” says John Everitt, president of Stearns Packaging Corp., Madison, Wisconsin. “It also makes the floor difficult to rinse, which can leave behind soap residue that leads to rapid re-soiling. Pre-portioning floor cleaner ensures that the job gets done properly and the surface isn’t sticky.”

Whether customers are cleaning floors or windows, the ease and accuracy of mixing pre-portioned chemicals is an attractive feature — particularly when cleaning practices are under scrutiny due to the pandemic. The same holds true for disinfectants — too little can be as hazardous as too much.

“I think COVID-19 helped to inform people about the proper way to disinfect,” says Jared Seneca, vice president of national accounts, Aqua Chempacs, Trevose, Pennsylvania. “They’re more inclined to read the labels for kill claims, and they know that the correct proportion is vital—especially with disinfectants — to ensure that they get the results they need.”

Indeed, properly diluted chemicals play a critical role in protecting the health of building occupants — a persuasive argument for using portion control packs. Moreover, pre-measured chemicals protect the health of frontline workers by reducing the risk of injuries caused by chemical exposure.

“The use of pre-portioned pouches eliminates the need to measure or pour chemicals by hand, thereby reducing the likelihood of coming into contact with the product,” says Steve Chambers, president of Meterpak, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. “The user simply deposits a water-soluble pouch into the appropriate bottle or container and adds water.”

These lightweight pouches also lessen the chance of worker injuries caused by lifting or carrying heavy containers or cases of product. According to Chambers, a case of glass cleaner pouches weighs as little as 1.5 pounds.

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