This is the fourth part of a four-part article about the multiple uses of carpet care equipment.

Identifying alternate uses for carpet care equipment is a win-win for distributors and their customers. Distributors foster customer loyalty and sell additional products, while customers can potentially increase business as well as save time and money with one versatile unit.

But it’s the distributors’ responsibility to identify their customers’ needs and educate them accordingly.

“When the cleaner is out there working, they often have tunnel vision,” says Yeadon. “It’s our job as distributors to stay aware of developing trends and educate customers so we can make their jobs easier and more profitable. It’s hard to make money just focused on one service, so any time you can add on it’s going to be of benefit.”

If BSCs and facility managers still aren’t sold, Jasper suggests distributors demonstrate carpet care equipment’s myriad functions.

“Usually BSCs don’t realize they have the ability to clean panels or chairs, or tile and grout,” he says. “They think they have to bring in a specialized company for that. By doing demonstrations, distributors can show BSCs what the equipment can do and how much money they can save the facility by having their own people do the work.”

Kassandra Kania is a freelance writer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a frequent contributor to Sanitary Maintenance.

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