Seiche Sanders' portraitI usually don’t become sentimentally attached to my reporting, but I found this month’s cover story especially gratifying.

Following the difficult task of narrowing the field of reader nominations for SM’s “sales success stories,” I had the honor of profiling “The Winners."

Our “Top Five” relayed inspiring accounts of their rise to the top of the profession. While it’s impossible to dissect every trait that makes these people industry stand-outs, there is definitely knowledge to be gleaned from each of their stories.

Inside, you’ll meet five salespeople, some whose careers have spanned decades — and others whose sales careers are just getting started. Each individual brings a unique approach to the profession. But there are a few common threads: they all display tenacity, loyalty and winning attitudes. And, as is often the case with truly successful salespeople, there’s that palpable spark — I hope some of that energy translates in the article.

Next time you’re hiring, keep our Top Five in the back of your mind. Perhaps you’ll be able to spot that special something in a prospect, and be able to add to your own roster of sales “winners.”

• • •

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