Part two of this three-part article examines the differences between micro scrubbers and traditional autoscrubbers.

Although small scrubbers can clean in places that larger machines cannot, manufacturers stress that they are not always as advanced as their larger counterparts.

“The smaller machines in general do give up features and cleaning ability most of the time,” says Brady. “There have to be compromises made to reduce size in all cases and to keep costs under control.”

Battery-operated autoscrubbers are limited by their battery size. Smaller machines have smaller batteries, which offer less power to drive the cleaning motors. Corded electric machines do not suffer the limitations of battery machines but give up some convenience.

“Large machines have higher down pressure and more agitation, and offer features like quiet mode and on-board chemical systems,” says Fussy.

As the trend towards small equipment catches on, manufacturers continue to roll out advancements such as smaller and more flexible tank sizes, reduced water consumption and chemical usage, improved maneuverability, and lighter and long-lasting lithium-ion battery technology.

Some manufacturers have even gone to great lengths to alter the appearance of micro scrubbers. At the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America show in 2015, some newer machines were released that now resemble and operate like an upright vacuum. This new design makes using equipment even simpler, because most janitors are familiar with an upright vacuum, says Christensen.

“Anytime you can make something similar to what they are already using on a daily basis will ease training,” he says.

These machines can also be less intimidating to newer operators who are familiar with upright vacuums at home or at work.

“The faster a new custodian can learn how to use a tool, the better,” says Brady.

Another advantage of these smaller machines is they are lighter than full-size equipment, so they significantly lessen worker fatigue.

“Small autoscrubbers reduce cleaning staff strain and fatigue while providing better performance,” says Widseth. “Operators will feel the relief of reduced stress on their bodies, as well as be able to finish their cleaning tasks more quickly and effectively.”

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