Ecoform, Knoxville, Tenn., and ISSA, Lincolnwood, Ill., continue to make progress on the development of the Information-Based Environmental Label (IBEL). Metrics were recently created for the environmental attributes of chemical cleaners, including fragrances, color and dyes, combustibility, post-consumer packaging content, recyclable packaging content and biobased material content.

The individual metrics are being developed through the use of a work-group process, the results of which are then reviewed and vetted by the groupÕs Core Development Committee. To date, the work group has considered seven different metrics, modified the list of future metrics to consider, and established a productive format in which to present information related to future metrics.

IBEL works similar to a food label, communicating important health and environmental information about the product. It will complement existing eco-label programs, such as those for chemical cleaners. However, the label will also provide a uniform platform for communicating the environmental attributes for the hundreds of product categories for which eco-label programs do not exist, such as equipment, mops and buckets.

Ecoform and ISSA are working towards launching the program at ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America in November 2010, at which time manufacturers will be able to submit their products for verification, says Bill Balek, director of legislative affairs for ISSA.