Deciding on how to remediate malodors requires careful consideration and open communication between the facility manager or building service contractor, and the distributor. In addition, the source of the malodors should also be considered. Is it from bacteria created by urine or is it the floor drain that is emitting sewer gas?

Of course, every building owner and facility executive wants their restrooms to be clean and smell nice. There are products in the overall bundle that will address bacteria and the odors caused by it. These include urinal and bowl deodorizers, as well as drain products. Working to complement the bundle are deodorizers to help eliminate odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew. There are also absorbent mats that go under commodes and urinals.

While fragrances help provide an impression of cleanliness, Bergholtz says they should be part of the overall bundle when addressing restroom malodors.

Several years ago, restroom fragrances weren’t discussed unless it was brought up by the client first. But, times have changed. Jim Smith, executive vice president, HP Products, Indianapolis, says that distributors need to work with their customers to achieve the desired results. When speaking about restroom malodors, Smith asks his customers three questions:

1. How clean do you want your restrooms?
2. How fresh do you want them to smell?
3. What is your budget?

Some fragrances can be hung and neutralize odors for weeks. The maintenance of the fragrance bundle can fall upon the janitorial staff or the client has the option to outsource the program. Some distributors offer the option of not only installing systems, but also replacing refills, as well as performing any necessary maintenance.

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