Keeping Up With Industry Trends

We recently polled our readers, asking them why they read trade magazines like Sanitary Maintenance. The top two answers — by quite a large margin — were “to discover new products” and “to keep up with industry news.”

I’m proud to say that Sanitary Maintenance delivers on these expectations. Each month, the Face of the Industry section compiles pertinent industry acquisitions, personnel announcements, company accolades and more. We also provide a robust products section featuring the latest innovations.

In addition to that, we also include special products sections throughout the year to provide even more coverage. For example, last month’s issue featured 60 products from the ISSA/INTERCLEAN show. And soon, we’ll be asking you to vote for the next Distributor Choice Award winners, an annual selection of distributors’ 40 most preferred products.

Unfortunately, Sanitary Maintenance can only give distributors this information in print nine times a year. That’s why we developed our Cleaning Insider daily e-newsletter.

Every weekday, distributors can have the latest news and a couple of products delivered to their inboxes. Instead of readers tirelessly searching the web for this information, we find it for them. The email also features the newest Sanitary Maintenance articles, in case distributors miss an issue.

According to our recent survey, a number of distributors aren’t receiving this email. Click here to subscribe. You can also sign up others in your organization to keep everyone abreast of the latest trends.