Seiche Sanders' portraitThe 2007 edition of Sanitary Maintenance’s Buyer’s Guide is finally here, chock full of manufacturer and wholesaler product and brand listings.

This all-in-one specifying guide will help you stay in touch with your supply side. SM is constantly looking to provide you the most up-to-date, accurate information. If the Buyer’s Guide is lacking in any area, please let us know so we can update this guide to make it even more valuable.

While the Buyer’s Guide serves as a great point of exposure for manufacturers, we also recognize the need for distributors to make their presence known to end users.

In addressing that need, Trade Press Publishing Corp. (the parent company of SM) has developed — and is constantly updating — distributor listings on, the industry’s only vertical search engine.
Add your company’s name to our database so customers looking for a distributor by geographic area will be able to easily connect with you.

Simply log onto, click “Getting listed in CleanHound,” and fill out a short contact form. The next time a potential customer is searching for a new distributor partnership, your company will be only a click away.