Though the race to get your business on the Internet has now slowed to just short of a tortoise’s pace, there are still many outside influences hinting that you need to be a hare to win.

Most now see that avoiding e-commerce isn’t a death sentence, but we know that won’t likely be the case forever.

All the mixed signals have made for a lot of confusion. “What do I need? What should I spend? What are my options?”

If you’re asking yourself those questions, no matter what your pace, you’re on the right track to making smart e-business decisions.

In this issue, we analyze the state of e-commerce among distributors, and provide some insight and advice about where you should be, your options, and how you can get started if you haven’t already.

The Tech Central article, "Do Your Homework," surveys various jan/san-targeted Web hosting and software companies. We hope this serves as a starting point as you look down the e-commerce road ahead. Speaking of which, "E-Commerce," the cover story, is chock-full of Internet analysis and advice from some of the most well-known consultants in distribution today. They’ve done their homework, and definitely have plenty to share.

There always are obstacles down any path, but in this race, so far, there are no clearcut winners or losers.