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Many CEOs and business owners struggle with the same issues: insufficient new business, stalled opportunities, and underperforming salespeople. This article delves into these challenges and offers practical solutions to drive sales growth in 2024. 

1. Insufficient New Business: 

CEOs cite the lack of new business as the most common sales frustration. Sellers who struggle to win new accounts frequently fail to either generate enough first meetings or convert those first meetings into second appointments. Here is why: 

• Lack of Activity: New account acquisition is an everyday activity. Consistency is the key. Sales managers must hold their team accountable for meeting prospective targets. Sales leaders must effectively monitor and enforce agreed-upon Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their salespeople. 

• Ineffective Messaging: When salespeople prospect without achieving desired results, it can be an indicator that their messaging is ineffective. Ditch the robotic company spiel. Salespeople need to have introductory conversations without mentioning a product or company. Engage an expert to review and improve prospecting call scripts, ensuring they are compelling, persuasive, and address the needs of a modern buyer. 

• Poor Delivery: Even with compelling messaging, salespeople may struggle if they sound unconvincing or are poorly received. Enhance their skills by providing training on how to engage prospects confidently and professionally. 

2. Opportunities Not Closing: 

Identifying and resolving the root causes of stalled opportunities is critical to maintaining a healthy sales pipeline. Consider the following strategies: 

• Connect with Decision-Makers: If salespeople struggle to connect with decision-makers, opportunities are more likely to stall. Invest in training your sales team to engage decision-makers and navigate hierarchical structures effectively. 

• Create Urgency: Adopting a consultative approach helps sales teams uncover compelling reasons for prospects to buy, fostering urgency. Equipping sales managers with coaching skills supports the team in creating and maintaining momentum. 

• Be the Value: Prospects are unlikely to progress if they don't perceive value from the salesperson. Train your sales team to embody value and establish themselves as trusted advisors. It's not just about discussing value, but also about demonstrating it throughout the sales process. 

• Implementing Consistent Sales Processes: A well-defined, customer-focused sales process is essential. Implementing an optimized, staged, milestone-centric process aligned with the customer's buying journey ensures consistency and effectiveness. 

3. Underperforming Salespeople: 

Persistent underperformance necessitates strategic interventions. Consider the following solutions: 

• Evaluation and Training: Assess entire sales team for growth potential and fit for their current role. Then invest in targeted sales training programs. 

• Setting Reasonable Expectations: Understanding the length of the sales cycle is crucial when setting improvement targets. Be realistic and provide sufficient time for improvement, or tie performance improvement to achievable short-term KPIs. 

Addressing sales challenges in 2024 requires proactive measures. By implementing these practical solutions, businesses can overcome obstacles, drive sales success, and outpace the competition in an evolving marketplace.