More than 20 years after it was officially defined at the federal level, “green cleaning” is shifting from a trendy alternative to an industry standard. Facility managers and building service contractors are more likely than ever to ask their suppliers about the sustainability and safety of products. When it comes to environmentally friendly matting, however, distributors haven’t had much to offer — until now.

Matting manufacturers are greening their products by making them from recycled materials. They are also improving the manufacturing process, finding efficiencies that reduce energy, paper and water waste.

“We’re seeing more demand for eco-friendly products from distributors and consumers alike,” says John Miller, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Americo Manufacturing Company, Inc., in Acworth, Georgia.

Once a largely overlooked tool in the janitor’s arsenal, mats are finally being seen in a new light. People are beginning to realize high-performance mats are an important part of an environmentally sound cleaning program. By keeping dust and debris from entering a facility, mats contribute to healthy indoor air quality and can help lower costs associated with air filtration, vacuuming and carpet replacement.

“They not only help keep facilities cleaner and healthier, but they can reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals needed to clean and maintain facilities,” says Adam Strizzi, marketing manager for Crown Matting Technologies, in Fremont, Ohio.

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Green Mats Are Made Of Recycled Materials