Man with grey beard, blue shirt operating floor machine

The management team at Cleaning Solutions and Supplies, North Charleston, South Carolina, is focused on being proactive in response to customer needs, and requires its sales team to operate as advisors, not just salespeople. This strategy includes company CEO Gary Lee personally meeting with key accounts each quarter to discuss equipment issues that are either the result of improper training or actual technical problems. 

This strategy enabled the team at Cleaning Solutions and Supplies to notice an increase in customer complaints regarding reduced equipment run time, as well as a surge in battery warranty claims for scrubbers. The company observed that the scrubbers were repeatedly running into problems due to frequent battery life cycle issues. 

After looking into the problem more closely, the company discovered that the brand of batteries delivered with the floor scrubbers from the manufacturer were the cause.

“I remember when batteries had to be replaced twice in a machine still under warranty,” says Lee. “I immediately contacted the factory sales representative and informed him that their machines were having severe battery problems. I requested that all future equipment orders be delivered with Trojan batteries.”

Batteries from Trojan Battery Co., Santa Fe Springs, California, were selected based on the fact that Trojan is a proven brand, and when properly maintained, they provide equipment owners and lessees with years of trouble-free service.

This results in the following benefits:

• Improved customer satisfaction

• Expanded business opportunities with increased productivity of the machine

Equipment manufacturers now install Trojan batteries at the factory on all Cleaning Solutions and Supplies equipment orders. In addition, Trojan HydroLink watering systems are included on specific equipment orders as necessary to ensure proper maintenance of the batteries to help meet their rated life cycle.

The use of the HydroLink single-point watering systems simplifies the required watering of deep-cycle flooded batteries to ensure maximum performance and life. It saves time and money by helping avoid premature battery failures due to lack of watering.

Featuring an independent water level indicator, HydroLink displays if a battery needs watering, and includes an automatic valve shut-off to control the electrolyte level in each cell during the watering process. It can fill a set of batteries in less than 30 seconds.

“All end users know the most expensive part of the equipment are the batteries, and that eventually they will reach end of life,” says Lee. “However, their knowledge of batteries does not go much further than that, so education in this area is extremely important. That is where Cleaning Solutions and Supplies steps in.”