When you see a product’s green claims, do you believe them?

I’ve been in the business for quite some time, so when I see a product making the green claim, I tend to take a closer look. There are certainly products on the market claiming to be green without much support to back up their claim, sort of using their own definition or designation of what makes their product green. While the product may have some green attributes, it takes some research to find out if the claims are more fact or myth. On the other hand, when I see a product with a legitimate, recognized third-party certification such as Green Seal, EcoLogo or is listed on the EPA Safer Choice list, I can be confident that the product meets some meaningful level of testing and research to support its green claim. — Scott Uselman, manager and director of sales, High Point Sanitary Solutions, Houston

It depends on where the certification comes from, because there are a lot of “green washing” half truths. — Jennifer Rosenberg, president, Acorn Distributors, Indianapolis

We are very skeptical of green claims unless they are third-party certified or have substantial white papers behind their claims. We promote third-party certification ahead of other offerings (white papers). — Ryan Banks, vice president of sales and marketing, Brady Industries, Las Vegas

Not always. Many products will use words like “earth friendly” or “biodegradable” and will show images of leaves or the earth and not have a third-party certification. The third-party certification gives me more confidence that the claims can be reliable. — Charles Moody, president, Solutex, Inc., Sterling, Virginia

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