Instead of having a large bin filled haphazardly with various plastic utensils, the new cutlery dispenser towers offer a sleek, organized option for supplying flatware. Each tower is engineered for the dispensing of a single type of utensil, be it forks, knives, or spoons, and fits most standard counters and tabletops.

There are also carousel and dispenser stands available, making them easy to fit into a range of spaces.

In addition to coming in several sizes, fitting everything from small breakrooms to bustling fast-food chains, many of the dispensers come with the option of customizable decals. Coming in a variety of colors and designs, these decals can be used to blend into or enhance a customer’s business environment.

Cutlery dispensers not only improve the image of food establishments, but also provide an opportunity to reduce cross-contamination in these building environments.

“They are very nice looking and enhance the customer experience, while also adding a hygienic benefit,” says Tillis.

By dispensing utensils one-at-a-time, diners can feel rest assured that they are eating in a hygienic environment. Combined with a proper cleaning and sanitation program, business owners can feel relieved that they are saving money and improving guest services.

“You will see a lot more of this product,” says Curtin. “This is better than wrapped cutlery. We are seeing a lot more demand.” 
David Volz is a freelance writer based in Coral Springs, Fla.

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