The increasing popularity of day cleaning can also be interpreted as a symptom of a larger trend: corporate interest in energy reduction and savings, says Steve Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group, Bloomington, Ind.

“The building owners I work with are very interested in ways to reduce energy and water consumption, and consumption of other resources,” Ashkin says. “The popularity of day cleaning is being affected by that desire. And the trend of wanting to reduce a facility’s energy consumption, and finding more ways to do it, is the overall growing trend.”

The continuing innovation of battery-powered carpet cleaning machines are further evidence that energy efficiency is on the agenda for manufacturers, Ashkin says.

“As batteries become more energy efficient, machines that are battery-powered will become much more prevalent,” he says. “And the other benefit of having a battery-powered option is the elimination of the electrical cord, which can be a trip and fall hazard if you’re vacuuming during the day or while the building is occupied.”

To reduce energy, carpet equipment is also being designed to clean with cold water, says Ashkin.

Increasingly, the environment and energy consumption are issues facilities are committed to tackling — and cleaning best practices, chemicals and equipment can help meet corporate sustainability and fiscal goals.

Distributors should be prepared to meet these needs, and to stay on top of cleaning trends that can affect their customers, such as day cleaning.  

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