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Bill Sivori, project manager for Able Services, a San Francisco-based building service contractor, strives to be at the forefront of innovative cleaning technologies. So when Paul Giamona, his account consultant at WAXIE Sanitary Supply, San Diego, introduced him to EvaClean’s Protexus electrostatic sprayer at a recent ISSA Show, Sivori was sold.

“Electrostatic technology is going to be the norm for disinfecting in the near future,” says Giamona, who first learned of the technology about a year and half ago. “I presented it to Bill, he liked it, and he made the purchase. WAXIE then trained the custodians on-site to show them how to use the machines and troubleshoot any problems.”

Prior to purchasing the electrostatic sprayers, Sivori responded to clients’ requests for disinfection services on an as-needed basis — typically in the event of an infectious outbreak, such as the flu or norovirus. But manually disinfecting surfaces was laborious and expensive — and the outcomes unreliable.

“Before, we charged $2,000 to $3,000 to go into the office and wipe everything down by hand, and it took six to eight guys all night to do one floor,” says Sivori. “Now, with the electrostatic sprayer, it takes one guy four hours, and we’ve been able to bring the cost down considerably for our clients.”

But more important than the cost savings is the coverage the new system affords, which is — in Sivori’s words — “like night and day” compared to manual methods. 

“If you’re wiping a keyboard with a rag, for example, you only get the top,” he says. “With this unit, you can get into every crevice.” 

The improved surface coverage is the result of the electrostatic technology: As the chemical exits the electrostatic sprayer, it is atomized and given a positive charge. The positively charged spray droplets are attracted to — and travel toward — negatively charged objects, creating a 360-degree wraparound effect on the targeted surface.

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