Seiche Sanders' portraitIt’s about time. This fall, Sanitary Maintenance will pay tribute to the industry’s “Sales All-Stars” — those fine men and women in the field whose contributions make your sales team a force to be reckoned with.

We’ll run a cover story featuring these people, the best talent in the industry. How will we compile our list of sales talent? For that, we need your help.

Is there a distributor salesperson within your organization who is exceptionally loyal? Someone who exudes drive, charisma and customer service? Have you been looking for ways to fete the best and brightest on your sales team?

Nominate your own “All-Star” by visiting our Web site, Complete and submit the online nomination form by August 15, 2006. Nominations must be received by that date to be considered.

• • •

This issue features our annual article on ice melt: “Ice Melt: A Scientific Primer". We’ve taken a different approach on the subject this time around. Associate Editor Liz Greenawalt interviewed scientists — experts in the field of deicers — to help explain how chloride- and acetate-based compounds react in icy conditions, and why certain deicers work better on certain surfaces compared to others.

Learn about “eutectic” temperatures, concentrations and practical working temperatures — details your customers will want to know about when deciding whether to shell out extra budget dollars for a better-quality product.