The EcoLogo Program announced that it will work with ISSA and its partner Ecoform to offer its clients the option to integrate their certified cleaning products into ISSA's new environmental purchasing tool, which will be launched in 2011.

EcoLogo is currently in the process of revising its standard for Hard Surface Cleaners (CCD-146) and hopes to coordinate the release of that standard with the launch of the ISSA/Ecoform purchasing tool. Both organizations are working to determine harmonized data requirements, streamlined options for manufacturers to opt to submit products for both programs simultaneously, and accompanying price breaks for doing so.

The new tool is ISSA's answer to an increased demand for what is called "radical transparency," a growing reaction to the lack of actual data about why a product claims to be green, protect health, or be safer. It also aims to provide easy-to-use product data sheets that can help distributors better explain the differences between products.

"This new tool will provide manufacturers with a platform to communicate the environmental, health and safety attributes of cleaning products in a credible, uniform and transparent manner," says Jack Geibig, Ecoform founder, in a news release. "At the same time, the environmental purchasing tool will provide valuable information to institutional organizations that can empower them to make purchasing decisions based on environmental attributes that are aligned with their own environmental values and objectives."