Jorge Salcedo started his New York-based distribution business with just a trash bag and an idea — to provide next day delivery of plastic and paper supplies to restaurants with 24/7 customer service. He also wanted a company that didn’t require minimum orders or charge additional storage or delivery fees. 

As business grew, Salcedo quickly recognized that relying on outdated Excel spreadsheets and QuickBooks to collect and analyze data hindered his ability to meet goals and compete against larger distributors. With the help of DDI System’s Inform ERP software, To Rise has since doubled sales and competes amidst industry giants.

“At the time, we knew we were making money, but we didn’t know if we were losing merchandise, increasing our margins or selling more products,” says Salcedo. “We love when we’re selling, selling, selling, but it’s not how much you sell, it’s how much you get to keep. That was our goal: to keep more money in the company’s pocket.”

To Rise began evaluating ERP solutions to capitalize on its data and streamline operations. Unimpressed with the inexperience of small start-ups and the generic, off-the-shelf solutions offered by larger suppliers, Salcedo looked to larger distributors to learn what solutions they were using. That’s when he was introduced to DDI System.

“This was one of the easiest implementations that we could have completed as a company,” says Salcedo. “The availability and the access of the support — having a person there who was live with us and guiding us step-by-step was extremely helpful.”

Inform’s single-screen technology and one-click workflows populate all of the customer’s account information and history, making it easy to handle accounting tasks. Now, Salcedo only requires one person to do the work several team members used to do. As a result, To Rise has been able to reduce its labor force by 56 percent, despite the fact that business has more than doubled since going live. 

“When [DDI System] told us we’d see a return on our investment, I didn’t realize it would happen so quickly,” says Salcedo. “Inform has made everything we do more precise — from sales to accounting to inventory, it has given us the opportunity to maximize everything we do.”

The ERP software also gives his sales team insights about their customers’ buying habits, making purchase histories and pricing information available on a single screen. Using this information, To Rise has been able to triple their average customer sale.

Inform’s connected eCommerce has also helped grow sales by providing an easily accessible re-ordering tool for customers. 

“Our B2B ordering portal allows them to access everything anytime — invoices, pending orders, unpaid bills.… If our customers are catering an event and realize they need something, they can order it right then. eCommerce keeps customers coming back.”

Since implementing DDI System’s Inform ERP software, Salcedo has transitioned from the basement to a state-of-the-art facility he frequently showcases via social media outlets. To Rise has also been able to double both its margins and its sales to effectively compete for business against larger foodservice supply distributors. Even with his rapid growth, Salcedo has goals to take To Rise even higher, which he is confident he can do with the insights he gains from DDI System’s Inform ERP.