This is the third part of a three-part article on restroom care in Class A facilities.

As elegant as paper and soap products have become, so too have their dispensers. From sleek, stainless-steel multi-fold paper dispensers that are recessed into the wall, to customized touch-free soap dispensers, manufacturers continue to push the envelope in developing many different versions of dispensers for design-forward restrooms. Facility managers for premier buildings prefer the latest in high-end, attractive and sleek paper and soap dispensers because they mesh well with their facilities’ luxurious décor and promote a better user experience.

When high-end dispensers are used to deliver a quality product, it’s a clear indication to the facility’s patrons that it is a professional atmosphere.

“Upscale products such as paper and soap do not necessarily mean luxurious,” says Neufeld. “Quality dispensing and products means that the owners and managers care about the users.”

Class A facilities also prefer dispensers that can deliver high levels of hygiene with low maintenance costs.

Single-sheet dispensing from a touch-free roll towel dispenser discourages excess use, therefore reducing waste. Additionally, touch-free, single-sheet dispensers lower the number of touch points in the restroom, which helps improve hygiene and reduce the spread of illness.

Innovation in soap packaging, foam soap formulations, dispenser design and technology have catapulted touchless soap dispensers to popularity in Class A facilities as well. The ability to preset levels of dispensed soap helps eliminate overuse and waste. Changing out soap bags or cartridges is an easy process for janitors, who simply replace the empty ones. Some facilities also prefer to install touch-free dispensers that can be used for soap and hand sanitizer interchangeably.

High-end restroom products typically have higher price tags than traditional ones. But high-end restrooms don’t have to be more expensive. Class A restroom products often promote decreased usage and reduced maintenance costs. And if those facility managers truly desire a ritzy feel for their Class A buildings, then high-end restroom products are a necessity.

Nick Bragg is a freelance writer based in Milwaukee. He is the former Deputy Editor of Sanitary Maintenance.

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