Distributor Choice Awards Receives Nearly 350 Nominations

If there’s one thing people in the jan/san industry get excited about, it’s product awards. Go to any trade show with on-site voting and you’ll see the area buzzing with people. Once the awards have been given out, winning manufacturers can’t wait to show off their new accolade.

I’m proud to say that the Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Choice Awards are no different. Now in its fourth year, the excitement and enthusiasm behind this award continues to grow. We experienced another increase in participation and it amazes me that each of the nearly 350 nominations received at least one vote.

Sorry if I sound boastful, but the Distributor Choice Award is a worthy seal of approval. Once again, these are the products that best solve end users’ challenges and meet their needs.

For example, infection control measures are a priority for many facilities and not just hospitals. Everything from the common cold to C. diff are impacting building occupants. Not surprising, about a quarter of the winning products are some form of disinfectant.
As end users see an uptick in cleaning frequencies, there is greater pressure to be more productive. Building service contractors, especially, are suffering from a labor shortage, unable to find willing workers to clean. A big portion of the 2017 winners are products that improve productivity. Whether it’s in the form of small equipment, multi-purpose products or tools that simplify complicated cleaning techniques, with these winners, workers can do more in less time.

Green and sustainability may not be the differentiators they once were, but being environmentally responsible still matters. Many products receiving this year’s award are made with renewable resources or recyclable materials, are biodegradable or help reduce the use of harsh chemicals.

Take a look at this year’s 40 winners starting on page 10 and see if any are missing from your current supply offerings.