This is part one of a three-part article on custom-made floor matting.

A plain stock walk-off mat was the first thing Gary Cumbo noticed as he walked through the revolving doors of a residential high-rise. The sales manager for Seaway Supply, in Maywood, Illinois, knew there was a better solution. The high-rise’s property manager agreed after Cumbo presented a colorful brochure with custom matting options. The high-rise has since become a client of Cumbo’s.

Custom-cut logo mats meant a more sizable investment than the basic mats the client was previously using, but the client quickly realized the benefits outweighed the cost.

“They weren’t even aware they could do a half circle to fit in their particular front entrance,” says Cumbo. “It was a nice feature to be able to present, and they were thrilled with results.”

Whether buyers want a special shape, an unusual color or a logo, walk-off mats can be customized in myriad ways. These personalized designs are growing in popularity, and smart sales representatives frequently make mention of them during sales calls, especially during the late summer and early autumn months.

“The best time to sell mats is August and September, when people start to gear up for winter and bad weather,” says Cumbo. “It’s always good to educate the customer on the mats you sell, but it’s especially good to mention them at that time of year.”

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