System for distribution of cleaning chemicals

Contributed by Clean Control Corporation

Major theme parks in the United States spend millions of dollars each year cleaning and maintaining their facilities. For most parks, this means using multiple through a central dispensing system. But these systems are expensive and take up lots of space, leaving janitor closets cluttered with containers of concentrate, entangled hoses and more. 

Seeking a better alternative, one 11-location theme park company contracted with Clean Control Corporation, Warner Robins, Georgia, the manufacturer of OdoBan cleaning products. 

“Basically, we were asked to come in and survey the parks and come up with a better, more efficient, more economical way to clean over 150 park bathrooms,” says Bill Frazier, Clean Control’s national sales director. “We visited each park and surveyed the bathrooms, trash collection areas and janitor closets. The parks were all very different, without much similarity in size, number of bathrooms, size of the bathrooms, or the size or availability of janitor closets.”

Clean Control’s flagship brand, OdoBan, makes a multi-purpose disinfectant, cleaner and odor eliminator ideally suited to theme park cleaning applications. This one cleaning product took the place of three to four other products previously used at the park. 

The dispensing aspect of the project initially presented a challenge. 

“We partnered with RD3, a Greenwood Village, Colorado-based facilities solutions company, to acquire a wall-mounted, simple, one-button dispensing system,” says Frazier. “It was economical and durable, providing the simple solution we wanted.”

To provide seamless distribution, Clean Control partnered with Acme Paper and Supply Company, Savage, Maryland. Acme’s infrastructure made it easy to quickly supply OdoBan to all the parks on-demand.  

“A simple, easy-to-use and durable system is what Clean Control brought to the table to solve an overwhelming challenge,” says Rodney Rubadeau, Acme’s senior account manager. “OdoBan’s effectiveness and multi-use capabilities have been a total game changer for our theme park customer.”

After a year with OdoBan systems installed in all locations, the park’s staff have praised the change, saying restrooms are cleaner and smell better. In addition, overall guest experience has improved. 

The dispensers have not created any problems or required servicing. Wall charts have since been added at dispenser locations for easy and quick training. 

Perhaps best of all, after a year, the theme park has experienced substantial cost savings after switching to OdoBan.