Cleaning Industry Embraces Ultraviolet Disinfection

Ultraviolet technology has been around for decades, but mobile UV-C systems are just beginning to gain traction in healthcare facilities as a viable surface disinfection treatment.

UV devices are used primarily in patient rooms and operating rooms to reduce the risk of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs), but facilities are starting to expand usage into areas such as emergency rooms, intensive care units, and employee breakrooms, says Katherine Velez, a scientist at Clorox Healthcare, Oakland, California.

UV technology can also benefit facilities beyond acute care, such as free-standing surgical centers and dental offices, says Velez.

“Keeping the public safe from infections and preventing the spread of illnesses is important both inside and outside healthcare facilities,” she adds, “and UV technology has the potential to help promote public health in a variety of settings.”

Despite the benefits of UV technology, Velez admits that it is a major investment for customers, and purchasing decisions are not made lightly. Some units cost upward of $100,000, making them a tough sell for distributors. The hefty price tag, coupled with confusion about the technology itself, may cause some sales reps to focus their efforts on chemical sales instead.

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