Chemical Dispensing Systems Get Connected

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer just a buzzword. It is revolutionizing business across nearly every industry. And manufacturers of all stripes are trying to figure out how their products can connect to the internet in a smart way to bring new benefits to users.

As IoT technology continues to sweep across industries, a wide variety of IoT solutions are becoming increasingly available in the jan/san marketplace. IoT products provide real-time insights that help businesses better manage their resources and improve their operations.

“The information provided by these systems enables continuous improvement, allowing businesses to become more competitive, reduce costs, improve sustainability, etc.,” says Thomas Boscher, general manager of Intellibot Robotics and global vice president, marketing technology at Sealed Air Diversey Care, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Currently, IoT technology is primarily infiltrating floor cleaning equipment, waste receptacles and various restroom fixtures, such as soap and paper dispensers.

But more recently, industry manufacturers have introduced laundry and warewashing chemical dispensing units that utilize IoT technology. The products contain IoT sensors which help control costs by monitoring and adjusting operating parameters based on chemical, water and energy consumption. In addition, sensors provide increased uptime of machines by predicting failures before they occur.

“The goal of IoT technology is to provide visibility to data generated by various pieces of equipment,” says John Goetz, global product manager for Hydro Systems Company, Cincinnati. “More important than the data itself is the actionable insight that can be gleaned and used to operate more efficiently and intelligently.”

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