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Products and equipment are always changing and evolving. Whether it’s the addition of a new safety feature, improved mobile connectivity options, or an updated formulation that combats additional viruses, the jan/san market is flush with innovation, and distributors want a front-row seat.  

Often tasked with the heavy burden of finding solutions to common problems that end users encounter and suggesting improved cleaning procedures, jan/san distributors are always on the lookout for products and equipment that meet industry needs. They are reliant on manufacturers to constantly re-evaluate and update the cleaning tools necessary to meet the growing demands inside facilities.  

Not all products hit the mark, but when they do, distributors remain loyal and continuously turn to these mainstay products. The dependability of these tools means distributors can continue to service their end user customers and make recommendations for best-use scenarios.  

To help identify these products and equipment, Sanitary Maintenance surveyed jan/san distributors across the country. Over a six-week period, those distributors voted through online ballot, whittling down the best products before winners of the 2024 Distributor Choice Award were finally identified.  

Once again, products were divided into four main product categories: Chemicals; Cleaning Tools; Equipment and Accessories; and Restroom Dispensers, Fixtures and Consumables. Two additional categories — Health and Wellness, and Technology and Innovation — were also featured to identify products that promote healthy environments, and products that showcase the future of the industry. 

For each of the six categories, distributors ranked their choices for whatever reason they decided: bestselling, most preferred, most recommended, most innovative, etc. The three highest vote-getters were deemed the winners in each category.  

Here are the winners of the 2024 Distributor Choice Award program.