The right maintenance supply consultation can lead to better product ideas, cost savings and improved restroom aesthetics. Just ask Brame Specialty Company in Durham, North Carolina, the supplier to a number of major facilities, schools and universities.

“One of our customers is a university with a student body of over 20,000,” says Wayne Pridgen, sales consultant for Brame. “They wanted ideas for promoting healthy hand hygiene in its medical facilities while cutting costs.” 

“We immediately noticed they had outdated manual soap dispensers with liquid hand soap,” continues Pridgen. “Through our partnership with Kutol Products Company, we knew switching them to foam soap would save 50 percent in soap usage. Plus installing Designer Series dispensers would add a stylish, contemporary look to the restrooms.”

Staff, students, patients and visitors were attracted by the dispensers (which encouraged use) while the foaming soap saved thousands of dollars annually. In the end, both budget and campus were healthier and happier.