Following deep cleaning, carpet maintenance crews need to dry carpets as quickly as possible to avoid resoiling.

“The quicker you can get the carpet dry the better off you are,” says Green. “When it’s wet it will clean the bottom of your shoe and also open you up to slip and falls.”

Proper ventilation and the use of air movers or carpet fans can speed up this process. End users can select from equipment that blows directly on the stain to machines that move air throughout the facility. For high-moisture areas, janitors can use dehumidifiers, says Spallone.

Green recommends choosing a fan that will circulate air at floor level.

“You want one that’s pushing the air out right at the level of the carpet and moving it along the floor to increase dry time,” he says.

With proper guidance and the appropriate tools for each stage of carpet care, customers are in a better position to implement a successful carpet care program that not only prolongs the life of their carpets but the life of their equipment.

“The bottom line is that cleaning is not an event,” says Braun. “Cleaning is a maintenance program with good spot removal, good vacuuming, good interim maintenance and periodic deep cleaning. If you have a maintenance program like that you’re going to enjoy the entire design life of that product.” 

Kassandra Kania is a freelance writer based in Charlotte, N.C. She is a frequent contributor to Sanitary Maintenance.

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