Eighty to 90 percent of the paper towel sold by Solutex is 100 percent recycled, Moody says — a huge increase from just years ago. He attributes that growth in sales to his geographic location, in the standard-setting Washington D.C. area, as well as large market segments such as education and government that are driving the trend.

“Any time a cleaning standard hits the area, people are more aware of green products and practices,” Moody says. “Over the years, more and more customers have asked us for paper that meets certain green standards.”

School environments in particular seem to be a hotbed of green leadership, thanks to progressive environmental attitudes of students, public involvement in the education system, and the repeat-customer nature of that facility population.

On the West Coast, hospitality and commercial office sectors are also showing interest in green paper towels, says Keith Schneringer, marketing manager at Waxie Sanitary Supply in San Diego, California.

“In Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, there is some demand for green paper in Class-A buildings — which don’t always include sustainability as one of the most important boxes on a checklist,” he says. “So there has been a shift.”

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