Battery backpack vacuums are also available in the market, with similar benefits to cordless uprights. Why would users choose cordless uprights over battery backpacks? There are several reasons, say manufacturers. Very often, it comes down to preference.

“You won’t convert everyone into a backpack,” says Mitchell. “Some people just like an upright.”

There’s not necessarily particular demographics that prefer one machine over the other. Very often it’s the bulkiness and weight of a backpack that turn off certain users. It may also be a simple matter of familiarity — if someone has always used an upright at home and work, they may resist the idea of switching to an unfamiliar tool.

Battery uprights are lighter weight than backpack vacuums because the battery itself is smaller. They also tend to be quieter.

Another selling point is the battery in a cordless upright is less expensive to replace than in a backpack, says Cooper.

“Overall, the upright is a less expensive option than a backpack,” he adds.

Finally, backpacks lack a beater bar or brush roller. This part of an upright agitates the carpet to deep clean and groom. This simple difference matters most in facilities with executive offices with plush carpet where appearance really matters. It also applies to walk-off mats in entry ways.

“A backpack and a typical wand set just doesn’t get the cleaning done on walk-off mats, especially when dealing with deep mats with big crevices,” says Pease. “The wand set on a backpack just doesn’t agitate and clean that. You need a brush roller to get that pickup.”

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