Corinne Zudonyi

When I took on Sanitary Maintenance in January, I certainly couldn't predict a year where we would face a global pandemic, close down the country, experience supply chain breakdowns and cancel all in-person events. The challenges I encountered in this new position would have been overwhelming if it weren't for the fact that I work with outstanding people in the jan/san industry.

As you've done so many times before, this industry has rallied to help. Distributor partners new and old took time from their day to offer insight and advice for articles. The six members of my advisory board went above and beyond to help keep content on track throughout the year. And I couldn't have done it without our committed columnists.

In a year when everything was turned upside down, Jim Peduto, managing partner and co-founder of Knowledgeworx, came through with practical and easy-to-implement sales tips. As the first article in each issue, Jim offered advice to help you adjust to a new way of selling.

Closing out each issue, Gretchen Roufs gave us something to smile about in what has been a difficult and challenging year. Her Freetime column celebrates the great people in this industry and offers a glimpse into their personal lives.

As Freetime celebrates its 20th year this month, we remember the more than 200 individuals who have shared their personal stories. Among us, there are mountain climbers, sheep herders, magicians, corn hole and bowling champions, Neil Diamond singers, outdoor enthusiasts and an impressive number of good samaritans. Their stories are shared because Gretchen — with her warm smile and enormous heart — is able to connect with people.

Unfortunately, those connections traditionally happen at industry events, a casualty of what is a year that will go down in history. So, if I can ask one more favor of you in 2020, it's that you consider sharing your story with Gretchen. Maybe you're an avid board gamer, you've written a book, you volunteer in your community, or you secretly perform as a circus clown in your off time. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you.

If there is one positive from this pandemic, it's that we've all been forced to slow down a little bit. That leaves us with a whole lot of free time on our hands. What are you doing to keep busy? You never know, it might be something we can share with the industry.