James Crutcher (left) of Kenway Distributors and former Triple S board chairman, honors Jim Reider (right), SSS founding father and first president, with the inaugural W. James Reider Award.

Andy Anderson of Breuer Electric demonstrates the new Tornado floor machine to Ward Drill, managing editor of SM in 1953.

Jeff Berk, of Berk Wiper International LLC, cutting wipers by hand before the acquisition of any equipment in 1979.

Harry and Morris Wax founded WAXIE Sanitary Supply in 1945. This photo of the brothers is from Harry’s retirement party in 1971.

Morris Wax’s oldest son and current President, Charles Wax, joined WAXIE in 1973. Like every employee, he had to start at the bottom and work his way up.

President Linden B. Johnson checks out Pullman Holt equipment.

ISSA’s ad campaign in the ’80s featured the fun, but controversial, slogan, “Talk Dirty to Me.” Despite some objections, the campaign proved quite successful.

For years San-A-Care was a member of the Southeastern Wisconsin Sanitary Supply Association along with Sanitary Maintenance. Here is the company’s location, circa 1970s. .

In 1956, NSSA held its first West Coast trade show in addition to its annual national convention. The event became a biannual tradition until 1971. Here the NSSA member wives head out on a bus tour of San Francisco in 1958.

Two men at an automotive parts distributor’s sales counter with GOJO Original #1200 dispenser and Go-Jo Loshon Skin Cleaner in the 1960s.

Laboratory personnel at 3M work on pilot-stage development of nonwoven fabrics in 1946.

Anderson Chemical Co. Founder Alfred Anderson works in his lab, circa 1914.

Georgia-Pacific was founded in 1927 as the Georgia Hardwood Lumber Co., located in Augusta, Ga.

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