Once cost comparisons are made, customers typically want to know if the disposable industrial wipes are reusable, durable and absorbent, says Bowers.

Providing samples offers customers an opportunity to see for themselves.

“In most cases they can see clearly that it’s a better overall value,” he says.

Before providing samples it’s important to determine which disposable industrial wipes make the most sense for the customer, Testa says. Do the wipers need to be solvent resistant? Is high absorbency important? What about size?

Wipers come in rolls, folded and in small pop-up boxes. They are available in jumbo rolls where there may be 250 feet of wipers, perforated every 12 inches. The application determines the size. For example, a high volume user will want a large roll, whereas a smaller shop may want a tissue-size pop-up to place at the workstation.


Industrial Wipe Varieties

Different colors may be needed as well. Disposable wipers are available in red, white, blue and yellow hues. Determine if the user needs color-coding (so that the correct wipers are used in the appropriate areas) before providing samples.

Getting the right disposable industrial wipe for the job requires asking plenty of questions and really listening to the client, says Nolan. He asks to observe workers using the launderable towels to see exactly how they’re being used across the workplace. He may even ask to talk to workers.

“We ask customers to be patient with us on the front end,” he says.

When all of these factors are determined, the right samples can be provided for the application. For example, if the same rags are used for heavy-duty tasks, a stronger wiper is needed. If it’s being used to wipe off a checkout counter, a light-duty wiper may be all that’s required.

“They can say, ‘I want this rag to pick up these kinds of spills,” says Nolan. “And they can try different options, where they use one wiper for one application and a different one for another. With disposable rags, there are different absorbencies and strengths, but with a shop rag, there’s just one.” 

Ronnie Garrett is a freelance writer based in Fort Atkinson, Wis. She is a frequent contributor to Sanitary Maintenance.

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