Seiche Sanders' portraitFrom the mid ’80s to the late ’90s, Sanitary Maintenance’sWhat’s New?” issue was one of the most highly anticipated of the year. Readers liked the fact that the issue was packed with the most recent product releases; it helped distributors identify new innovations they could demonstrate to customers. End users, in turn, were grateful for new solutions to address their cleaning challenges. In essence, the issue became a valuable selling tool for distributors, and an effective way for manufacturers to communicate product launches.

This year, we decided it was time to resurrect this industry favorite. In the past year, we’ve witnessed a flurry of new technologies hitting the market. What better time to share them — more than 100 new products — with you? By publishing them all in one place, we hope you find it easier to track down products that will make profit-boosting additions to your lines.

During a recent conference I attended, a colleague came across a frustrated hotel housekeeper who launched into a lengthy rant about the ineffectiveness of the vacuum cleaner she was using. Though she had no idea she was speaking to a jan/san professional, she explained that there was only one good vacuum in-house, and that she and the other housekeepers competed over who would use it each day. It was clear she felt that nobody was listening to her complaints.

She may have been pleased to know that vacuum manufacturers are tuned in. Read about the user-friendly features they’re developing in “Vacuum Innovation Reflects User Preferences.”