Distributors should be keen to factors that may affect cart and configuration choices. This includes a building’s size, flooring and elevator system. For example, some standard wheels don’t maneuver well on the carpet laid throughout hotels. And while some cleaning carts may be able to carry heavy loads of cleaning supplies, they may not fit into the building’s doorways — or a janitor closet following a shift.

It’s also important to consider the abilities of the cleaning staff. Carts should be easy to push so as not to cause injury or harm to the workers on the job, especially when they’re pulling an eight-hour shift.

“You say most of these out loud and say ‘Oh, duh,’” says Schneringer. “But you get so focused on what we put on it. It’s all about providing workers with quick access to the tools they need.”

While a janitor cart might not be the first sales item to come to mind in meetings with clients, distributors say there are plenty of opportunities to make it part of the conversation. They also say janitor carts can be used as a part of a renewed contract promotion.

“I think if you’re not doing an annual review of your accounts, you are not doing yourself or your accounts a favor,” says Florea. “If you’re pushing that thing around for eight hours a day, you’ll need a little bit of maintenance. The handle can break, the platforms can crack. The wheels on custodial carts can get wobbly.”

Roussel says purchasing janitor carts or modules should be part of any sales presentation or visit; it’s an easy task for distributors to assess the state of a facility’s janitor cart fleet simply through observation.

If the carts need to be replaced, or could use the assistance of modules to improve organization and workflow, it could open the door to a sale.

“A properly thought out and outfitted janitor cart is partial to having a professional cleaning organization,” says Schneringer.

Stephanie S. Beecher is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer. She is a former Associate Editor of Sanitary Maintenance.

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