The Top Sales Reps And Products In Jan/san

I used to consider myself a movie buff; I’d make an effort to see as many Best Picture nominees before the Oscar ceremony. These days when I go to the theater, it’s usually with my boys to see the latest family film, rather than an Oscar contender. (We’re very excited to see “The Lego Batman Movie,” by the way.)

Despite the life changes, I still get excited for awards season. When Oscar nominations were announced, I checked the list even though most of the titles were foreign to me.

There’s something about awards that just naturally appeals to me. From movies and television to music and sports, I’m always curious about who is receiving honors. I guess that’s why I’m thrilled to announce the 2016 Sanitary Maintenance Sales Leaders in this issue. Once again, five standout reps showcased qualities that make this recognition and industry great. We were all amazed by the winners’ work ethic, passion and dedication. As our headline states — and their stories prove — “nothing stands in their way.”

I’d also like to salute a past winner who was nominated again this year ... and received a record 38 nominations. Brad Bobbitt at Daycon is an amazing sales rep, who, despite always being on the move, still takes time to give each customer a personal touch. He makes everyone feel that he or she is his only client. Since Brad had previously earned the Sanitary Maintenance Sales Leader distinction, we felt others should be awarded the honor this year. But thank you Brad, and all who nominated him, for reminding us how special the people of the jan/san industry can be.

As the Sales Leaders award program comes to a close, Sanitary Maintenance ramps up another contest. Check your email inboxes for your 2017 Distributor Choice Award ballots. Help us determine the winners by casting your vote for the best products in the industry. We will feature the 40 winners in the May issue — and, of course, I can’t wait to do so.