Swisher Hygiene Inc., Charlotte, N.C., took significant steps in September to increase its internal manufacturing capability and also expand its specialty chemical coverage.

First, the company acquired the majority of assets of Chicago-based Daley International, Ltd., for $5.7 million. Tim Daley will become vice president of manufacturing, and his brothers Patrick, Michael and Sean will continue in key management roles.

By adding Daley’s four manufacturing facilities, Swisher Hygiene will significantly increase the percentage of chemical products that it manufactures internally and secure capacity to support its future growth.

“Due to our rapid growth, we expect the demand for chemical production will increase considerably over the next couple of years, therefore making it necessary to manufacture most of our own products in order to keep pace,” says Steven R. Berrard, CEO, Swisher Hygiene, in a news release.

Also in the same month, Swisher Hygiene acquired four hygiene and chemical companies: Midwest Alchemist, Brown Deer, Wis.; Chemtech Distribution & Service Inc., Richmond, Va.; Try-Chem Services LLC, Berwyn, Ill.; and Masterchem Services Corp., Glenview, Ill.

Concurrent with the acquisitions, Lee Wackman, owner of Midwest Alchemist, Timothy O. Mallory, owner of Chemtech, Lawrence Gempp, owner of Try-Chem, and Ralph Sirianni and Jack Caplan, owners of Masterchem, will be joining Swisher Hygiene.