The first soda fountain patent was granted in 1819 and grime has been building on this mainstay of Americana ever since. Today, almost every restaurant and convenience store has a soda fountain machine, also known as a beverage fountain machine. Have you ever wondered how those beverage fountain nozzles are actually cleaned—or worse, if they are ever cleaned?


Good soda fountain cleaning practices are a must, not only for obvious sanitary reasons, but also as an act of preventative maintenance that can help avoid costly damage and repairs. Proper protocol calls for a daily cleaning of soda machines. Cleaning procedures vary for different types of fountains, but a complete wipe down of the unit with a clean cloth and approved sanitizing solution is always important.

The machine’s nozzles and diffusers should be removed, disassembled, and soaked in a sanitizing solution. Ideally, the parts should soak overnight before re-insertion into the machine. Once the nozzles have been removed, the process can be maximized by using a dedicated pointed brush that reaches deep into the nozzle cavities for a more thorough cleaning.

This task has been simplified with the introduction of a new Beverage Fountain Brush created by the Malish Corporation specifically for this purpose. The pointed brush is constructed with chisel-cut nylon bristles that are designed to reach deeply into these hard-to-clean areas. These bristles also provide increased agitation that can boost the power of cleaning solutions.


Like the parts that this brush is designed to help clean, the brush itself should also be cleaned and sanitized before and after each use. The brush includes a hang-up hole in the polypropylene handle that allows for proper storage on the tool holder rack near the machine. Hanging the brush after each use will help keep it sanitary while extending the life of the bristles.

The Malish Corporation, a global leader in brush manufacturing for a variety of applications, has introduced the Beverage Fountain Brush specifically for the purpose of cleaning soda fountain nozzles and components.

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