Now you can rent the future! It’s a fact autonomous vacuums and scrubbers can reduce cleaning time while allowing staff to focus on higher priority tasks. Now you have options for introducing robotics into your cleaning process. With Kärcher’s autonomous rental program, take comfort in knowing you’re not tied into a long-term service contract. Plans are available in 3-, 6- or 12-month increments*. Try the one which best fits your needs.

Streamline your cleaning and reclaim your time! The benefits are many:

Increased Productivity - Perfect cleaning route every time. Clean large scale areas without supervision and the Cloud based AI constantly learns and improves performance.

Peace of Mind - Smart Detection System safely avoids people and obstacles. With over 80 billion sq. ft. safely cleaned.  Machine defaults to safe distance from walls and objects.

Return on Investment - Improved consistency and coverage result in an increased ability to meet the scope of work and customer satisfaction. Average of $20,000 less in operational overhead (i.e. medical insurance, life emergencies, turnover).

Simple Controls - Monitor all machine functions in manual or autonomous modes. One simple button to actuate all cleaning function.  Settings easily adjusted individually in manual mode.

Unmatched Safety - The key can be removed while autonomous function is in use to ensure only authorized personnel can operate the machine Easy-to-see indicators and lights.

Cloud Connected LCD Interface - Switch between autonomous and manual functions with a simple touch. Teach and store multiple routes simultaneously and receive real-time reporting with any smartphone.

* Deployment, training, service and consumables included in rental price

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