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If you didn’t attend the Chicago show — or couldn’t find room in your briefcase for one more piece of product literature — this expanded product gallery is for you. Browse the product showcase for some of the best new innovations that were featured at ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2006.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseDispensing System
The compact, versatile Outpost™ dispensing system dilutes multiple products from a single unit, offering two ports for low-flow or high-flow bottle-filling. Sealed containers are leak-resistant for worker safety, identification and operation icons are easy to understand and a wide range of super concentrates is available.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseBird Netting
Bird-X Inc.
BirdNet PE-Plus, a high-quality netting with flexibility and versatility, keeps birds out of roosting and nesting areas. The net can be used on farms, facilities or wherever pest birds are a problem, guarding against pigeons, blackbirds, gulls and more.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseVacuum
The 10-pound Super QuarterVac™ comes standard with Four Level Filtration® that captures 99.9 percent of dust, pollen, bacteria and other particulates one micron and larger. The vacuum features an integrated tool belt that keeps accessories within reach, and has a three-year parts labor and motor warranty.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseMold Control
Siamons Intl., Inc.
Concrobium Mold Control™ eliminates mold, prevents mold growth after flooding and pretreats building materials for mold resistance during construction. The product contains no bleach, ammonia or VOCs and is safe for homeowners and professionals.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCatalog
Zephyr Mfg., Co.
The catalog lists the full, extensive line of cleaning products available to distributors. Hundreds of products are available, including mops, brooms, brushes, dusters, squeegees, microfibers, handles, frames and more.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseTowel Dispenser
Palmer Fixture Co.
The company’s electronic roll towel dispenser automatically dispenses a 12-inch sheet when hands are placed below the unit. The battery-powered dispenser is universal for most 8-inch-wide roll towels.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseDisinfectant Spray
Chase Products Co.
Champion Sprayon® QTB Disinfectant Spray is a tuberculocidal, staphylocidal, virucidal, fungicidal and pseudomonacidal in a single quat formula. The spray disinfects hard, nonporous surfaces and sanitizes, killing 99.9 percent of bacteria.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseAutoflush Retrofit Kit
The SJS-200-A SMOOTH™ battery-operated Flushometer retrofit kit features sensor technology to turn manual installations into electronic, hands-free operations. The product, a side-mount-operator, over-the-handle kit, works out of the box, automatically adjusts to ambient light and features a 20-to-80 pounds-per-square-inch operating range.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseVacuum
IPC Eagle Corp.
The SmartVac™ 24-inch battery-operated vacuum and sweeper can clean up to 31,000 feet per hour and is quiet enough to be used any time. The compact vacuum edges as it cleans, automatically adjusting from carpet to floor.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseDolly
Rubbermaid Commercial Products
The BRUTE® Trainable Dolly allows for the connection and transportation of up to three 55-gallon BRUTE containers at once. The Tilt Stabilizer reduces physical stress during liner removal and the Pull Handle Accessory increases control and leverage when transporting multiple containers.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseIndustrial Hand Cleaners
Warsaw Chemical Co.
Five products update the line of heavy duty industrial hand cleaners for use in the GritMaster™ system: CitraClean waterless hand cleaner; Krystal premium heavy duty industrial cleaner; Homerun solvent-free cleaner with tiny scrubbers; Natural Touch conditioning hand cleaner; and Maxi Blue heavy duty cleaner with pumice.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseGreen Cleaner
Buckeye Intl., Inc.
RAM™ heavy duty cleaner is Green Seal certified and contains no butyl, perfume, APEOs or EDTA. The cleaner removes animal and petroleum greases, fats and oils from hard surfaces.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseIce Melter
The Dow Chemical Co.
PELADOW™ calcium chloride pellets melt ice and snow rapidly under all types of conditions, giving off heat as it dissolves to quickly melt, penetrate and undercut snow and ice. While other materials stop working at 20 degrees Fahrenheit, the pellets remain effective at very cold temperatures.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseReceptacles
United Receptacle
The Americana Series™ Side Door model features an easy-to-empty side door, making it ideal for city streets, parks or other high-traffic outdoor areas. The receptacles are made from rugged steel with sealed welds and multiple layers of powder coating.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseMicrofiber Mop
Jones Cos., Ltd.
Speeds Grip is a hands-free, launderable and absorbent pad with excellent cleaning performance, infection-control ability and ergonomic benefits. The product is part of the speeds® microfiber cleaning system.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseBurnisher
The Ultra 2400 24-inch propane burnisher has a heavy duty, low-profile aluminum powder-coated chassis built for rugged use. The product has top drive access and a heavy duty 3/16-inch spun aluminum pad holder plate with a Kawasaki 17 horsepower engine.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCleaners
Spartan Chemical Co., Inc.
BioRenewables is a product line based on ingredients derived from agricultural and forestry materials such as soy, corn and coconut. Cleaners include a 72 percent bio-based multi-purpose cleaner, a ready-to-use 53 percent bio-based graffiti remover, a 53 percent bio-based industrial degreaser and 80 percent bio-based waterless hand cleaners.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseFloor Finish Applicators
Padco Inc.
The company’s floor coaters apply a flawless finish on hardwood, vinyl, concrete, tile and stone floors. Normal application rate is 10,000 square feet per hour with no streaks or bubbles.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseFloor Restorer
General Floorcraft Inc.
The Marble Machine, a one-piece apron without a lead, was designed for stone floor restoration. The 1.5-horsepower machine has a cast iron, chrome-plated base that permits a 150-pound machine, and comes with a water feed valve mechanism that connects to a garden hose.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseMop
Unger Enterprises Inc.
The SmartColor String Mop Heavy Duty combines the benefits of microfiber with the cleaning ease of the traditional string mop. It features extreme liquid and dirt pickup and 96 percent bacteria reduction compared with traditional mops. It also allows for fast drying without streaking.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseSoftware
Activant, formerly Prophet 21, an enterprise software solution designed for janitorial distributors, combines the familiarity of Windows with the power of SQL Server. The software streamlines business processes to help increase sales, improve customer service and reduce operating costs.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseDust Mop System
The DuoClean™ dust mop cleaning system captures dirt and debris in one sweep for more efficient, effective cleaning. The system features a large beveled-edge dust pan with a dust mop head attached to the bottom of the pan. The product comes in 24-inch and 48-inch cleaning paths and fits standard handles.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseAir Sanitizer
Waterbury Cos., Inc.
The TimeMist Metered Air Sanitizer kills airborne bacteria continuously, covering a 6,000-square-foot room 24 hours a day for 30 days when dispersed every 15 minutes. The sanitizer can be used in health care, food service and building management and is EPA-approved.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseWipers
Micro-Spun, a unique towel/wiper that is lint-free, washable, highly absorbent, durable and inexpensive, is suitable for any janitorial or industrial use. The product will keep its soft feel after many washes and holds up to heavy solvents and other cleaning chemicals.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseTrash Bag Cinch
The Trash Bag Cinch stops bag cave-ins, saving five seconds per liner change with no more knots or clumsy rubber bands. The product is available in four colors and a variety of pack sizes with custom imprinting available.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcasePaper Products
Solaris Paper Inc.
LIVI™ brand and Private Label products feature 100 percent virgin fiber, full vertical integration, environmentally responsible practices and state-of-the-art converting capabilities.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseHand Pump
Pump model 536PSP, used for transferring solvents compatible with high density polyethylene, features a 35-inch barrel, 14-inch removable/rotational spout and pumps at 20 ounces per stroke.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseScrubber
The BOOST Rider Scrubber combines high-speed cleaning with riding comfort and provides the same savings as BOOST Walk-behind Scrubbers, using 70 percent less water and chemical.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseHand Cleaner
Cobitco Inc.
Hand Cleaner with Pumice is an industrial-grade hand cleaner loaded with pumice particles, aloe and lanolin, creating a powerful yet safe cleaner. The cleaner dissolves and removes oils, grease, resins, epoxies, glue and soil and can be used with or without water.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseBurnisher
Minuteman Intl., Inc.
The Lumina™ 28 Battery Burnisher, with a 2.5-horsepower pad drive motor and transaxle drive system, features a 28-inch burnishing pad with driver speeds up to 1,600 rpms to give a wet-look shine to floors. The low-profile machine features a simplified control panel and an on-board charger.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseHousekeeping Cart
Royce Rolls Ringer Co.
The MPCART is built entirely of stainless steel, making it durable, easy to clean and rust-resistant. A microfiber squeeze bin fits on the cabinet tray top for easy access to microfiber pads and solution and the cart includes a 10-year guarantee against breakage.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseIce Melter
North American Salt Co.
FreezGard Mag Chloride Ice Melter Crystals melt ice and snow at temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit. With a unique crystal shape for rapid penetration and exceptional scatter control, the salt is safe for people, concrete, metal and the environment.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCleaner Maintainer
Brulin & Co.
Instant Replay, a UHS cleaner maintainer, combines two maintenance steps in one and extends recoat frequency two to three times longer, as compared to conventional restorers. The product builds gloss and cleans without removing the shine. Now available in No Decision Dilution Control.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseDust Mop
Golden Star Inc.
Fusion Microfiber dust mops collect dust and microparticles, with looped-end construction making linting a thing of the past, lending durability and reducing drying time. The mops fit standard dust mop hardware and can be used in factories, hospitals, industrial plants, office buildings, schools and supermarkets.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseKneeling Mat
Superior NoTrax
The Knee RX kneeling mat provides ergonomic support for extreme kneeling applications such as asphalt, gravel, concrete, tile and wood flooring. The inch-thick mat is made from a nitrile/PVC foam blend that resists oils and greases.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseDispensing System
American Cleaning Solutions
The Focus Easy Solutions Dispensing System allows accurate measurement of the company’s Green Seal-certified line of concentrated industrial and institutional cleaners into easy-fill, wide-mouth trigger sprayer bottles. The system is a portable, easy-to-use dilution program that requires no installation.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseMarketing Group
The UNITED GROUP is a national marketing and sales organization created in 1983, made up of and owned by over 330 distributors of jan/san, foodservice, industrial packaging and safety products. The distributor members, who are equal stockholders and direct the group through their elected representatives, purchase from more than 150 selected suppliers, and then receive marketing allowances on the purchases.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseMopping System
Geerpres Inc.
The Industrial Mopping System features a heavy duty industrial chassis with two 8-gallon galvanized metal buckets with brass drain valves, welded construction and an ergonomic wringer. The system can be used in manufacturing facilities, factories, industrial sites, transportation depots or locations with heavy duty equipment.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseDispenser
Beta Technology
BetaJet proportioning system’s knife-edge nozzle and laminar flow channels practically eliminate air-gap splashing. The system uses a chemical metering peg with a long slot to reduce maintenance requirements and increase safety, and it works as a single unit, or units can be connected together for multiple formulas.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseLeasing
Ervin Leasing Inc.
The company offers a variety of commercial equipment lease options specifically designed for vendor partners. Leases are primarily funded from Ervin’s own portfolio, which allows them to offer flexibility in the lease programs you offer to customers. The company can design a program that complements your sales process, goals and objectives.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseSorbent Feature
Sellars Absorbent Materials Inc.
Patent-pending Q-CEL Technology, part of the EverSoak brand, is an alternative in price-volatile, oil-based polypropylene technology. The new technology is high-quality and cost-effective.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseBrooms
ACS Industries
Black Crimped Polypropylene brooms are durable and long-wearing, as water, oil and most solvents do not affect the synthetic fiber. The brooms come in warehouse and lobby styles and come with gloss black wood handles.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseGreen Chemicals
Core Products Co.
The Green Logic Floor Care System was designed to address the health and ecological concerns of the cleaning industry, providing safer, effective, environmentally preferable solutions to a wide range of cleaning challenges.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseUrinal Mat
Sanastar Inc.
The WizKid is an anti-microbial mat that eliminates odors and protects the floor, and does not discolor or fall apart. It comes in black, and the sticky rubber backing keeps it in place underneath the urinal, keeping restrooms clean and dry.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseLift
Link Mfg.
The CL400 Lift, with a capacity of 400 pounds, mounts inside the back door of the Sprinter van and certain box-like trucks, and can be configured with a basket, or customized. The basket swings in and out of the vehicle and is raised and lowered by an electric actuator.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseFoam Cleaner
Stoko Skincare
Stoko Refresh™ foam products come in light, fresh fragrances and small, attractive dispensers, and a fresh new pump is offered with every refill. The Refresh line of foaming products features thick luxurious lather that covers skin surfaces.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseWipes
Athea Laboratories
Full Spectrum Wipes handle antibacterial cleaning of any hard surface. They are bleach- and alcohol-free and non-staining. Effective against VRE, tuberculosis, HIV-1 and other bacteria, the wipes are appropriate for all-purpose cleaning and disinfecting in storefronts, hospitals, restaurants, kennels, health clubs, nursing homes and more.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseHand Dryer
Excel Dryer Corp.
The Xlerator® dries hands three times faster, in 10 to 15 seconds, and uses 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers. The dryer offers a 95 percent cost savings versus paper towels, eliminates maintenance and improves hygiene. The product is GreenSpec® approved and qualifies for LEED® credits.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseMicrofiber Mop
Filmop Srl/HPC Cleaning
Innovations LLC
Spin-n-Drop Mop is a patented folding microfiber mop head with one-touch collapse for wringing and a “spin and drop” head-lock for flat mop position. The mop’s lightweight design helps reduce fatigue, even when cleaning vertical surfaces. The 16- or 20-inch mop head can reach corner edges and tight spaces.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseBurnisher
The Advance Advolution™ 2710 battery-powered rider burnisher was designed around a front steering system, allowing the operator to easily maneuver in congested areas. The One-Touch™ control pad simplifies operator training and equipment operation, while a mid-mounted burnishing head allows easy access for changing pads.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseBurnisher
Buffer Zone Inc.
The Zoomer DC21-C Battery-Powered Burnisher uses a carbon-free brushless motor that has a fixed pad speed during run times and features over 3.8 horsepower. Balanced for easy operation, the burnisher covers more than 20,000 square feet per hour.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseFloor Finish
ACL Inc.
Staticide Anti-Static Acrylic Floor Finish is a high-solids, low-cost method of protecting sensitive manufacturing areas from the dangers of static build up. The finish is easy to apply and can be used in production areas, medical facilities, laboratories and electronic repair facilities.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseScrubbing Brushes
The Malish Corp.
UniBlock features a tufted pad driver, two grit scrubbing brushes and a poly scrub brush, all designed to fit industry-standard 17- and 20-inch floor machines. UniBlock combines an injection-molded polypropylene and the company’s NP-9200 clutch plate with fiberglass-reinforced nylon built into the block.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCleaner/Deodorizer
Advantage Marketing Associates Inc.
The Advanced Hygiene System features a powerful cleaning solution that prevents stains and scaling with concentrated foam action and a quat agent that reduces bacteria growth. The system also deodorizes, providing a fresh scent, and is easy to maintain and program. It works continuously to clean toilets and urinals.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseHand Dryer
Stiebel Eltron Inc.
Galaxy Hand Dryers come in two models: The Galaxy has a durable ABS housing and the Galaxy M series has cast aluminum housing. The dryers feature fast-drying, no-touch operation, rugged construction and easy installation. Both units come in 120-volt and 208 to 240-volt.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseDosing System
Seko Dosing Systems
WarePlus warewashing dispenser operates with wash/rinse signal voltages of 85-265 VAC with no separate power source needed. The WarePlus series includes models for dry or liquid detergents with or without a pressure switch.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseTowel Dispenser
Wausau Paper
The Wave’n Dry® electronic towel dispenser has been improved to provide quieter dispensing, a relocated sensor for flexible installation, and a new battery compartment that eliminates the need for special battery packs. The dispenser is available in five translucent colors.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseIce Melter
CP Industries
Superior Sno-N-Ice Melter® with Meltium® and CMA is a patented synergistic formulation that melts ice to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The ice melt is developed to provide maximum protection to concrete, metal and vegetation. The product is available in box or poly bag.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseItalian Cleaning Companies
Italian Trade Commission
Did you see the world of Italian cleaning technology in action at ISSA/INTERCLEAN® 2006, with 17 companies represented? Italy brings you solutions along with setting new standards in cleaning. For more information, visit www.italyclean.com.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCleaning System
MasterCraft Industries Inc.
The Convert 33™ from Pristal™ is a stand-on, convertible, multi-purpose cleaning system that can be used for scrubbing, polishing, crystallization or burnishing. With optional interchangeable heads, the system’s stand-on feature provides maximum flexibility to the operator.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCleaning System
Hydro Systems Co.
The ICS 8800 is a mobile, self-contained cleaning system designed for restrooms, trash areas and supermarket meat cases. The compact system provides spray cleaning, rinsing and sanitizing on easy-roll wheels with ample storage compartments.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseTowel Dispenser
Georgia-Pacific North America Commercial Business
The enMotion® Recessed Automated Touchless Towel Dispenser delivers a single towel with a wave of the hand, reducing waste by up to 30 percent. The stainless steel unit features easy reloading and an automatic transfer. The dispenser comes in three finishes: stainless steel, translucent smoke and splash blue.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseAutomatic Scrubber
Americo Mfg., Co., Inc.
Flamingo Auto Scrub Floor Pad, with its pink color, scrubs black heel marks, scuffs and light dirt to clean floors in record time, with no color bleed. The scrubber’s durable and resilient pad features high loft and open weave construction.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseSoap Systems
Packlin Laboratories
The Choice System features the choice of lotion or foam cartridges for its manual or touch-free dispensers. The system eliminates the need for distributors to stock multiple soap systems and gives end users options from location to location, or within the same facility.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCarpet Cleaner
Windsor Industries
The iRenew Mini, an interim carpet care cleaner, cleans and freshens carpets with less effort using a low-moisture version of iRenew Encapsulation technology, removing spots and spills and dries in 20 minutes. The compact cleaner’s brush system features two counter-rotating brushes and a debris bin.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseExtension Pole
Mr. Longarm
The Pro-fit™ is an ergonomic extension pole featuring a tri-lobal-shaped handle that provides a more natural fit for the user’s hand, causing less fatigue. A full-length soft rubber insert, fluted body and a locking mechanism provide a positive lock at any extended length.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseSurface Cleaner
Rochester Midland Corp.
RMC Biologics clean surfaces that traditional chemicals miss, working up to 80 hours after application to convert waste to carbon dioxide and water. Products include D/E Biozyme Degreaser, D/E Biological Liquid Odor Control/Cleaner and D/E Tile & Grout Cleaner.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseOdor Control
Claire Mfg., Co.
Mulberry odor-control products release an atomized spray that quickly travels throughout an area, releasing a pleasant mulberry aroma. The product is available in either hand-held or metered aerosols and provides immediate deodorization of all malodors.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseIce Melter
Frank Miller & Sons Inc.
Sunshine Ice melter features color-coated crystals and time-release action to melt ice and snow down to 6 degrees Fahrenheit. The ice melt is available in a 50-pound E-Z Open, E-Z Close resealable bag.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseSoap Dispensing System
Inopak Soap
The 1,000-milliliter F1 foam hand care system provides three times the amount of hand-washing potential from a single refill compared to a conventional soap dispenser. The foaming formula provides a gentle clean and fresh scent.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseWet Mop
O’Dell Corp.
PowerCore microfilament wet mops are made from a unique yarn engineered with a micro denier filament core surrounded by traditional synthetic fibers. The mop’s wet pick-up performance is increased by as much as 50 percent, with drying times cut in half and less shrinkage.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCleaning System
The C3™ Compact Cleaning Companion is designed for daily restroom cleaning. The system is a self-contained, battery-operated, moderate-pressure cleaning system with an onboard bottle-fill dilution control station. It can be used as a stand-alone system or as a replacement for the mop bucket on a janitor’s cart.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseWarewash Dispenser
Dema Engineering Co.
TITAN Warewash Dispensers feature electronic and programming features for easier installation and reduction in the number of service calls. The dispensers, made of ABS material, switch to and from probe mode and have a digital display, wall-mounting plate and modular design for conversion to three product systems.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseWashroom Products
Saalfeld Redistribution
The Reliable Brand product line, including towels, tissues, hand care and seat covers, provide consistent performance, dependable service and reliable products while being environmentally friendly.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseStripping Pad
ETC of Henderson
The Diamondback® pad is an extreme stripping pad that works well on floors that require an abrasive pad to do the job. The pad features larger grit size and more abrasive grit, and is designed with an open-weave construction that enables it to hold more load without clogging.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseAutoscrubber
NaceCare Solutions
The TwinTec 4552 walk-behind, battery autoscrubber has a simple flip-up head for easier changes to it adjustable handle, a quieter motor and gel batteries. The autoscrubber’s control panel indicates vacuum, water flow and brush and battery status.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseRider Scrubber
The Razor Blade Scrubber is a compact, affordable rider with the features and performance of a high-end machine. The scrubber fits through doors, cleans in tight spaces and turns on a dime.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseFloor Squeegees
Haviland Corp.
Just the Right Size floor squeegees, with 14-inch plated steel frames, can be used for narrow and hard-to-reach areas. Manufactured with 16-gauge steel, the product can use any type of blade and is available with a tapered or polycarbonate-threaded socket.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseVacuum
The Contractor series models are designed to withstand the everyday abuse of commercial cleaning, with features such as an impact-resistant fan, full coverage furniture guard, over-molded rear wheels with bearings, a fingertip switch and a quick-change power cord.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseAudio Module
Kimberly-Clark Professional
The Hand Hygiene Voice Module provides a gentle audio reminder to restroom visitors to wash their hands. “Hand washing reduces the spread of germs. Thank you for washing your hands,” is repeated in English and Spanish by a male or female voice. The module can be used in hospitals, restaurants, schools and other locations.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseSafety Cone
ARP Safety Products
Next Generation Disposable Safety Cones can be placed on the floor or the wall to help prevent slips and falls and are easy to use. The cones, which provide instant recognition of warning from any angle, are stored in a dispenser. The product is available in 18- or 31-inch heights.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCarpet Buffer
Onyx Engineered Products
The 21 Bonnet Style 225-rpm pad driver accepts any 17 bonnet or pad of choice, and has an 11-horsepower Honda motor, an eight-gallon solution tank system complete with Shurflow pump, electric actuation lever and Delvan nozzle.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseLabel Printer
QuickLabel Systems
The Vivo!, a high-speed, direct-digital, short-run label printer, produces photo-quality labels on roll-fed stock. The product is designed for moderate- to high-volume short-run label printing jobs. Printed labels are glossy, vibrant and durable, and the cost per label is competitive with flexographic printing.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseGraffiti Remover
Eco Concepts Inc.
Green Concepts Graffiti Remover #10 (GR) is safe for the environment and user, using a unique and revolutionary formula that may be diluted for use at a variety of strengths to remove permanent soils. The product safely removes paint, ink, permanent marker and, when diluted, can be used on plastic, laminate, metal, carpet and more.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseIce Melter
Cargill Salt
Diamond Crystal® Flash Melt™ Ice Melter works to minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit, giving off heat as it dissolves and melt more so you can use less. The ice melt contains 100 percent calcium chloride pellets and is available in 50-pound bags.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseSteam Vapor System
Advanced Vapor Technologies
The Vaporjet steam vapor system uses low-moisture, chemical-free steam vapor to sanitize and clean with a continuous stream. The system can be used in hospitals, retirement care facilities, schools and universities, industrial plants and the food service and hospitality industries.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseDistribution Management Software
DDi System
Version 18 Distribution Management Software enhancements include the DDi Business Intelligence Dashboard, an easily accessible data warehouse, E-doc electronic document scanning and shipping integration, and credit card security enhancements.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseScrubber
Tornado Industries
The BR Long-Range Floorkeeper cylindrical brush scrubber, with rotation speeds of 1,300 rpm, cleans all types of floors in larger facilities including uneven and hard-to-clean floors. The scrubber has a 29-inch cleaning path, adjustable pad pressure to 210 pounds, 26-gallon recovery/solution tanks and a three-stage vac motor.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseGreen Products
EverestEnviro™ is a source for towel and tissue products, offering hardwound, jumbo bath tissue and rolls, folded towels and center-pull towels. The products feature quality, performance, consistency and variety.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseAbsorbent
Xynyth Mfg., Corp.
Cornzorb is an organic, non-abrasive, silica-free, all-purpose absorbent. The product cleans up any liquid spills, including oil, solvent, grease and water.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseMulti-Purpose Cleaner
ChemBlend LLC
E.logical GO2 Concentrated Oxygenated Multi-Purpose Cleaner-Spotter-Deodorizer is fortified with natural cleaning power and hydrogen peroxide. Green Seal-certified GO2 attacks most stubborn soils and stains on hard and soft surfaces.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseSponge Mops
Super Cool
The Super® PVA Sponge Mops are available in three sizes. The 7-inch Pro Mini holds 8 ounces of liquid and is useful for tight spaces and windowpanes. The 11-inch Pro Standard holds 12 ounces of liquid and is useful for cleaning restrooms. The 16-inch Pro Jumbo holds 17 ounces of liquid and is useful for cleaning kitchen floors.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCleaning Spray
MAGNETspray utilizes advanced electrostatic technology to coat the entire surface of a target area, including backs and undersides. The spray effectively fights mold, bacteria and germs, saving up to 70 percent in chemicals and labor.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseVacuum
The X VAC Pile Lifter features extreme soil removal of dry particles imbedded in carpet fibers, as well as pile-lifting capabilities. The vacuum can also be used to prior to wet cleaning of carpets in residential and commercial environments.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCarpet Extractor
Powr-Flite Commercial Floor Care Co.
The Perfect Heat Plus improves heating performance without additional power requirements, and has earned the Carpet and Rug Institute’s silver level Seal of Approval. The extractor uses motor heat to preheat the water before it reaches the heater, resulting in temperatures up to 20 degrees hotter than other models.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseWipes
ITW Dymon
The SCRUBS® six-pack of wipes maintains a clean and hygienic work environment. The pack comes in a convenient tray and contains hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant and deodorizer, multi-surface, glass and surface, carpet cleaning and furniture polish wipes.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseIndustrial Cleaner/Degreaser
Sunshine Makers
Foaming Crystal Simple Green is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-corrosive and non-abrasive. It clings to and penetrates hard-to-reach areas. The product’s foam enables controlled application and longer contact time on vertical surfaces, and rinses free of residue.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseGreen Cleaner
Venus Laboratories
ORANGEplusDS All Purpose Cleaner and Sanitizer is a highly effective sanitizing agent formulated exclusively from natural ingredients. The cleaner eliminates 99 percent of bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseChemical Dispenser
Dosatron Intl.
The Compact water-driven proportional dispenser, a patented three-gallon-per-minute unit, takes up less than half the space of earlier models. The unit dispenses accurately, even at flows below three ounces per minute, and is available in two dosing ranges, 1:18 to 1:128 and 1:80 to 1:666.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseVacuum
Royal Appliance
The MRY6500 lightweight, commercial bagged vacuum weighs less than 10 pounds. The vacuum features a 40-foot power cord with Cord Lock, durable Gore-Tex® Bag, HEPA filtration and a 12-inch profile for cleaning tight areas.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCleaner
The Disinfectant Cleaner is an acid-based cleaner for acid-resistant natural and cast stones, ceramic tiles and synthetic materials, glass and stainless steel in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and institutional environments.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseAdhesive
Quest Chemical
The 585 Fusion Max is a heavy-duty, pressure-sensitive, waterproof multipurpose adhesive that can be used on all types of surfaces. The special fan tip allows for quick, easy application and the product dries quickly yet remains flexible. The adhesive can be used for bonding paper, wood, metal, leather, vinyl, fabrics and more.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseScrubber
The T5 Automatic Scrubber with FaST® foam scrubbing technology leaves floors immediately dry and safe. The scrubber features Hygienic® tanks that reduce on-board mold, bacteria and other contaminants. FaST technology uses 90 percent less detergent and makes water last 90 percent longer, reducing water waste by 70 percent.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseToilet Bowl Ring Remover
United States Pumice
Pumie® toilet bowl ring-remover works through its abrasive action and shapes easily to flat or curved surfaces. The pumice stone removes rust and lime buildup in porcelain toilets and urinals.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCarpet Extractor
Von Schrader
The Mach 12 low-moisture carpet extraction system combines with the company’s encapsulation technology to deep-clean up to 12,000 square feet of carpet per hour, and up to eight times faster than conventional equipment. The low-moisture cleaning solution is applied with a 24-inch wide full bristle brush.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseCleaning Products
Zynsonic Intl.
The professional line of more than 50 cleaning products, including surface disinfectants, cleaners, polishers and metered air fresheners, is engineered for superior performance as well as comfort and ease of use. Products are different colors for quick identification and all product labels are in English and Spanish.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseOrganizers
Impact Products LLC
The GateMate™ Plus System offers convenience and accessibility for cleaning tools that can mount to the wall or to 32- to 55-gallon Gator® containers. The GateMate Plus Holder, GateMate Plus Hook and GateMate Plus Bracket and Holder organize an array of tools and products.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseVacuums
Tacony Inc.
The CleanMax commercial vacuums feature clean air design for fan protection and motor protection. HEPA filtration and powerful on-board tools for above-floor cleaning, including a metal telescopic wand are also featured on select models.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseIce Melter
Ossian Inc.
WinterGreen™ Liquid De-Icer is a vegetation-friendly ice melter that has a greening effect in the spring. The melter is a low-cost alternative during winter weather in areas where vegetation is a concern.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseNeutralizer Spray and Dispenser
Zenex Intl.
Neutrazen Natural Scents concentrated dry spray for automatic dispensers neutralizes malodors with pleasant scents and long-lasting control. The Neutrazen Metered Premium Dispenser features an operation indicator, integral locking mechanism, light sensor for day/night/24-hour setting and three programmable time intervals.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseSpill Containment Kit
USA Packaging
Spill Guard™ Containment Kit™, an easy-to-assemble wall kit, helps reduce general liability costs associated with slips and falls. The kit includes protective gloves
and a neutralizing absorbent.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseRestroom Dispensers
SCA Tissue
The Tork® Image Line combines brushed aluminum and durable plastic for an easy-to-care-for surface that is tough, highly scratch-resistant and prevents fingerprints. The line includes an interfolded hand towel dispenser, a soap dispenser and a mini jumbo bath tissue dispenser.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseHand Soap
The Dial Corp.
Dial Complete Antimicrobial Foaming Hand Soap for foodservice workers contains Activated Triclosan™ Technology that is 25 times more effective at killing germs than other antibacterial soaps yet is over 25 percent milder. The E-2 rated soap kills E.coli and Salmonella bacteria and eliminates food odor from hands.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseIce Melter
International Salt Co.
Blizzard Wizard® Ice Melt is a traditional ice melter encapsulated with liquid magnesium to provide an environmentally friendly product with very little dilution. The product provides aggressive melting power at extremely low temperatures while offering virtually no corrosiveness.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseWipers
WORKS, a comprehensive line of wipers designed for a variety of commercial, industrial, healthcare and food service applications, is part of the HOSPECO TWS product line. Each family of products in the WORKS line represents a different substrate designed to service a specific wiping application.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseGermicidal Detergent
PortionPac Chemical Co.
The pH Neutral Series Germicidal Detergent comes in Pac-per-Quart™ size. The detergent has a broad spectrum of effectiveness against Hepatitis B and C, HIV, MRSA and VRE.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseSanitizing Spray
The Clorox Co.
Anywhere Hard Surface™ Daily Sanitizing Spray is as gentle as water yet strong enough to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, so it can be used around kids, pets and food. The spray kills common bacteria on virtually any hard surface, with no rinsing or wiping.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseFilters
APC Filtration
Janitized® replacement filters fit all industrial commercial vacuum cleaners, burnishers and sweepers. Products include paper and cloth bags, HEPA filters, panel filters, die cut filters, molded plastic filters, motor filters and wet/dry cartridge filters.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseSkin Care Line
Technical Concepts
This designer and manufacturer of washroom hygiene solutions has added four lines of hand-washing, sanitizing and body-washing products to its product line.

ISSA/INTERCLEAN Product ShowcaseDrain Opener
Utility Enterprises
Custom-labeled industrial-strength virgin sulfuric acid liquid drain opener, with the Posi-Lok® leak-detection system, features child-resistant caps and neck tags with instructions and guidelines. The product comes in heavy-weight plastic containers sealed in extra heavy-weight plastic bags.