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Glit/Microtron's CocoPad, Joey, and Buckaroo

Glit/Microtron's CocoPad, Joey, and Buckaroo: Americo Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Americo Manufacturing Co. Inc.

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Product Type: Floor Pads
Following an acquisition of assets, the company has reintroduced Glit/Microtron's CocoPad, Joey, and Buckaroo brand floor pads. The Buckaroo burnishing pad is for high-traffic, medium to hard floor finishes for light cleaning and high gloss. The Joey floor pad lightly polishes a variety of floor finishes with 100 percent recycled polyester fibers. Coco oil in the fibers of the CoCoPad provides natural lubrication and a high gloss on soft to medium floor finishes.

Products for the Building Service Contractor, In-House Custodial Manager & Jan/San Distributor