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DoxyKlor All-Purpose Antimicrobial Liquid

DoxyKlor All-Purpose Antimicrobial Liquid: PI Industries

PI Industries


This broad-spectrum antimicrobial-disinfectant is made with reagent purity components in a patented colloid technology to powerfully obliterate proteins and amino acids in viruses, bacteria and other microbials in as little as 15 seconds. Made for hospital, pool/spa, commercial & residential use.

• EPA: N-list & Emerging Pathogens

• Biofilm busting

• Wipe, atomize, fog, or mop

• Full potency at wide temp/pH range

• Ready to use/dilutable

• FDA GRAS for food contact

• Biodegradable, no rinse, no residue

• Non-reactive with bleach, ammonia, etc

Products for the Building Service Contractor, In-House Custodial Manager & Jan/San Distributor