xpedx will help hospitals fight cross infection by developing a team of highly educated and certified professionals to serve the healthcare industry. These experts will be known as xpedx Healthcare Facility Advisors.
Cross infection, or the spread of infections from one person to another, continues to challenge the healthcare industry. Healthcare reform has made the reduction of avoidable infections an economic imperative that is motivating healthcare facilities to take a broader look at how they can prevent infections. xpedx Healthcare Facility Advisors will help these facilities break the chain of cross infection.
“Certification and improved levels of education elevate our Facility Solutions sales professionals to better assist customers in promoting healthy environments and improving their business operations,” said Mary Laschinger, president, xpedx. “This is a true distinguishing point for xpedx in the hospital facilities management marketplace.”
xpedx Healthcare Facility Advisors earn several accreditations including the Accredited in Medical Sales (AMS) certification. The accreditations demonstrate an improved understanding of the healthcare industry and an ability to provide high-level facility solution advice to customers.
Moving well beyond the traditional definition of “clean,” xpedx Healthcare Facility Advisors bring a fully integrated approach of services and products that do not just attack the issue of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s), but attack the behaviors, practices and locations where cross infections occur. By breaking the chain of cross Infections, the number of HAI’s can be reduced.
The advisors are deployed across the U.S. to offer unique approaches to working toward a zero infections goal.