xpedx has graduated another class of certified Healthcare Facility Advisors specializing in helping healthcare facilities break the chain of cross infection.
xpedx Healthcare Facility Advisors work directly with healthcare facilities to help reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) by attacking the behaviors, practices and locations where cross infections occur. Positioned in every region throughout the U.S., these experts bring a fully integrated approach to the prevention of HAIs.
“xpedx facility solutions sales professionals who have reached this level of expertise can now better assist our customers,” said Steve Bowden, xpedx’s executive vice president, Marketing and Strategy. “Cross infection is a common problem, but one that is mostly avoidable. Our experts will work with healthcare facilities to help eliminate this costly issue.”
xpedx Healthcare Facility Advisors develop an improved understanding of the healthcare industry and an ability to provide high-level facility solution advice to customers. They earn Accreditation in Medical Sales (AMS) and several other certifications.
The certification of these xpedx professionals comes at a time when healthcare reform has made reducing avoidable infections a priority for hospitals and long-term care facilities. xpedx Healthcare Facility Advisors aid in responding to this challenge, leading to improved business operations and creating a healthy and productive work environment.