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Every few weeks, we periodically check in on the progression of the flu season, highlighting states that are either a rising threat for illness or ones that could be looming. With infection control such an important factor to reopening facilities and keeping schools open — and learning the best practices for doing so — it's also important to keep tabs on influenza in addition to COVID-19 concerns over the winter. For any states notably afflicted by the flu, it's a good opportunity for facility managers to reinforce the importance of hygiene. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which provides updating information with their “Weekly U.S. Influenza Report” rates states on 6-tier scale: Very High, High, Moderate, Low, Minimal, and Insufficient data. For the first time in months, we’re happy to report that zero jurisdictions are currently classified as “Very High” or “High” for case rates. As of the most recent reporting on Feb. 5, the only jurisdictions classifying as “Moderate” are Maryland, Wyoming, New Mexico and Oklahoma. The remaining jurisdictions registered at “Low, ”“Minimal,” or “Insufficient Data”.

This marks the second consecutive reporting of positive progress after an unsurprising post-holiday peak, in which a Jan. 1 report had 9 states classifying as “Very High” with an additional 22 at “High” case rates. Frequent high populated gatherings indoor gatherings — along with some of the highest traveling weeks of the year — serve as a hotbed for infection and increases the difficulty for cleaning staffs to keep facilities disinfected and hygienic with the elevated foot traffic.  

While the worst appears to be behind us for the 2021-2022 flu season, there’s never a bad time to reinforce good hygiene habits that can be sustained through the next potential peak in case rates down the road. CleanLink has an abundance of easy-to-follow resources that can help encourage occupants to wash their hands and follow best practices for facility hygiene.