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Zep, Inc. recently launched the Zep Assure Biosecurity Program to help businesses reduce risks of spreading infection. The Zep Assure Program follows CDC guidance for maintaining cleanliness and enhancing disinfection practices to reduce the risk of infection spread, while maintaining a safer, cleaner, and more productive environment for all employees. This program is comprised of specific products, protocols and service solutions that can be customized to support the unique micro-mitigation needs of individual institutions and businesses.

The program centers on a process of continuous protection measures for critical touch areas (CTAs) – or areas in frequent use by multiple users, such as light switches and door handles. It begins with deep cleaning porous and nonporous surfaces to remove built-up grime and soil. This is followed by disinfection using products that have been accepted by the EPA to kill the virus that causes COVID-19, as well as other widely circulated pathogens. The final step is to apply a coating to create protection on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

“Businesses that encompass a wide variety of group settings, such as schools, universities, or commercial transportation companies, face particular challenges in protecting against the coronavirus,” said Philip Thonhauser, Chief Technology Officer. “The Zep Assure Program allows them to be confident in their ability to make these environments safer for students, employees, and travelers.”

Zep’s comprehensive suite of service solutions is included in the program and can be tailored to clients’ specific needs, helping optimize effective implementation and reduce labor and product costs. This support ranges from education and training modules, materials and compliance management tools to mobile applications that monitor CTAs to measure proof of clean. The offerings also include data collection, audits, inspections, color-changing “proof of clean” technology, and certification programs.

“Zep is dedicated to supporting our customers and communities, businesses and institutions as they reopen,” said Dan Smytka, Chief Executive Officer. “We are pleased to bring our 80-plus-year history of innovation in developing superior quality cleaning and disinfectant products to help businesses protect their customers.”

“The evidence-based infection control strategies embedded in our Zep Assure Program help our clients deliver an unprecedented level of protection, now and in the future, and reinforce the Zep commitment to creating a safer, cleaner, more productive planet,” said Smytka.