Group of designers in office

Facilities are adjusting to the growth of the Millennial/Gen Z workforce with new office designs. According to reporting from Entrepreneur, there are distinct components to a facility that are attractive to these younger generations. A few of those trends are:

Technology: A good internet connection is essential to allow these workers to multitask on projects, as is a layout that encourages the use of mobile devices. Facilities that use virtual reality and Internet of Things (IoTs), as well as more cutting-edge technology is a definite plus.

Flexibility: Open-planned layouts with collaborative zones can create an environment and encourage communication. They can also add to cleaning challenges. Tackling the cleaning component of changing work spaces means also looking at new ways infections spread. 

Privacy: There is a bit of debate between generations when it comes to collaboration zones and areas of privacy. To capitalize on what drives worker creativity, facilities are encouraged to consider open-plan settings that feature both breakout rooms and privacy pods.

Nature: Indoor plants can improve the air quality and large windows can be specially designed to attract more sunlight. Both have shown to improve productivity and can be used to achieve green certifications.

When it comes to a shift in facility design demands, age is not the only factor to be considered. An open concept office space is not right for every environment. An article from LaJolla Light, for instance, points out that coders and programmers at one dominant tech company were unsure about an open design because of anticipated distractions from a potentially noisy environment.

Also, germs spread faster in open office environments, which can mean to more sick days and less productivity. Stress levels can rise with more distractions, too.

With the age range of workers spanning four or five decades, a one-size-fits-all approach is  probably not the best idea in workplace design. A blend of traditional and contemporary concepts that acknowledges different generations work styles and expectations can increase productivity and reduce stress. And once that is determined, it's time to examine the cleaning challenges associated with the new spaces.